Shame on you Roger Moore.Skyfall wallpaper04
Shame. Shame.

Moore, one of the six actors who have played James Bond 007 in the 50-year span and 23-movie run, has the audacity to claim that Daniel Craig will surpass the original Bond, Sean Connery, in defining the role with Craig’s recent performance in Skyfall.

Moore, who was Bond for a record run of seven movies from 1973-1985, may have mixed up his M’s and Q’s with this suggestion as Craig has only portrayed the M16 character since 2006 with Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and now Skyfall.

Perhaps, true, Craig may be closer to the text version of Bond, written by Ian Fleming starting in the 1950s’, but for true audience value there is nothing like the cheekiness of Connery or even in this case Moore, for developing the Bond character. A role which later had George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Bronson having a go.

Sure Craig has brought in the money with Casino Royale, $599,200,000 and Quantum of Solace $586,090,727 but consider they cost $150-$230 million to produce. Connery in the first Bond flick “Dr. No” in 1962 had a budget of only $1,200,000 and it went on to take in $59,600,000!

To put it bluntly, this old movie critic has yet to warm up to Craig and the new-look Bond.

Change is good? I guess.

One thing for sure, the car chase sequences in any Bond flicke is going to be good, make that awesome with capital X for excellent, and Skyfall brings it with a wallop.

Gone though are the days of half-dressed girls with IQs of a monkey, gadgets that even Get Smart or Austin Powers would envy and one-liners and innuendos. Instead we get to see a sombre but steadfast Craig with nerves of steel.

Javier Bardem, with his dyed blonde hair, has fun as a villain cyber terrorist named Raoul Silva in Skyfall and director Sam Mendes uses some unusual angles to bring this character to life.
Did not recognize Albert Finney at all as Kincade the gamekeeper. One moviegoer even asked me, “Who is Albert Finney?”

How soon they forget. He was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor in a leading role for Tom Jones, 1964; Murder on the Orient Express, 1975; The Dresser, 1984 and Under the Volcano in 1985.
In Skyfall, Bond is presumed dead only to come back to life but to say that this is the best Bond flick ever is a bit of a reach. Yes it has brought a breath of new life to the character but Craig still has to go a ways to replace Connery.

He may have a chance as Craig has signed on to do two more Bond films with Bond 24 (2014) and Bond 25 (2016).

On the one to five Shaken not Stirred scale we give this a four.
See you on the silver screen.