Three drones don’t make a right

Three drones don’t make a right.oblivion-skip-crop

Oblivion, a sci-fi action romance, starring Tom Cruise and directed by Joseph Kosinski, is a mish-mash of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Matrix, Total Recall and Planet of the Apes all rolled into 126 minutes.

Set in the year 2077, Cruise is Jack Harper security repairmen stationed in the clouds above an evacuated Earth ravaged by war.

His mission, along with his partner and love interest Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), is to form an “effective team” to maintain the drones that monitor the surface against the scavs.

The scavs are creatures or aliens out to destroy the machines that are extracting waters from the oceans. Machines that Jack and Victoria must protect for the next two weeks after which they will embark to the mother ship Titan to join others in creating a new utopia.

But all is not as it seems.  Kosinski is a master at meshing brilliant visual effects with a powerful soundtrack but fails to fill in the potholes of a week script here.

Also had to chuckle and shake my head more than once when they had Olga Kurylenko, in the role of Julie, an  astronaut arriving to the present day future from the past, always having the ability to scrounge up firm fitting clothes despite being rescued while wearing only one outfit which was a fish net stocking.  Never knew astronauts wore those.

Last time I saw such an insult to the audience’s attention was in the Jennifer Anniston and Gerald Butler comedy flop The Bounty Hunter (2010).

Nothing worse than when the damsel in distress is thrown into a battle scene, shot at, rolled down a hill, punched, and yet her clothes are still pristine as is her face, pearly white teeth and immaculate styled hair.

Her arrival starts the chain of events that will change the course of mankind.

At age 50,  Cruise is in top physical shape and he also gets a chance to return to his Top Gun roots and routes with some fancy flying stunts against drones  – which for some reasons always attack in threes – when the plot turns with some fancy time warps.

Morgan Freeman stirs the plot with his arrival and he has a great scene in a drone battle.

In one of his first ever movies, Cruise also played a character named Jack in the 1985 fantasy Legend.

On a scale of one to five on the monolith scale we give this a three.

See you on the silver screen.