Inspired to help historical landmark recover from flood

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In this edition of Aurora Kid, I interviewed 15 year old Keisha Gendron. Here is her story.

Ever since the flooding of the Hangingstone River in late June, Keisha Gendron has been fundraising to donate money to help Heritage Park fix its wounds. She was devastated and deeply saddened by the state of the park. Unfortunately, the park was never granted flood insurance as Heritage Park is located on a flood plain. There is a tremendous amount of clean up needed to the landscaping, the buildings and the artifacts. Keisha and her Dad volunteered on a clean up crew and learned that they needed financial assistance and therefore, the reason for the fundraiser.

Heritage Park is operated by the Fort McMurray Historical Society, a charitable, non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to maintain and cherish our city’s unique heritage. Funded by grants, sponsorships and donations, Heritage Park strives to educate the public by providing access to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s treasured artifacts, archives, and photographs.

Keisha, originally from Prince George, has lived in Fort McMurray since she was 4 years old (11 years) and will be attending grade 10 at Westwood Community High School. She has spent many summers attending Theatre Camp at Heritage Park where she made great friends, gained confidence and learned so much about Fort McMurray.  That’s what inspired her to give a helping hand.

Keisha had a bottle drive a few days ago and many people dropped off bottles to her to support the cause. So far, she has collected roughly $800 out of her $2000 goal which she is sure to beat. As some of you may know, I had a bottle drive a few days ago as well and any of the left over bottles that I didn’t pick up, I directed the people to her project so that they could help her out with fundraising.

“I was very sad when I saw the damage the flooding caused at Heritage Park. Before starting this fundraiser I met with Roseann and Tammy at Heritage Park to talk about what I was planning to do. I check in regularly with them to discuss goals” said Keisha.

To gather more attention, Keisha set up a Facebook page not too long ago called Heritage Park Fundraiser. So far, the page has 241 likes and she is planning on getting 500 likes for her page.

Thanks Keisha for your great work for Heritage Park and our community!

If you’d like to get more information on Keisha’s project, go to

You can also donate to Heritage Park directly

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