White House Down

By Curtis J Phillips

Funny, frantic, fake, farfetched and fony.

Had to take liberty with the word phony to keep in rhythm.

In this 131-minute over-the-top action thriller, we have what is basically a copycat souped up version of Olympus has Fallen. The plot of Olympus has Fallen, which was at theatres only a few months ago, has a disgraced former secret service agent (Gerald Butler) trapped inside the White House during a terrorist attack. He must rescue the President.

Plot of White House Down has a Capitol policeman, wannabe secret service (Channing Tatum), trapped inside the White House during a terrorist attack. He must rescue the President.

The only difference in the latter is that the policeman’s 11 year old daughter Emily, played hardnosed by Joey King, is a hostage, taken from a White House tour which she and her dad were on during the invasion.

Jamie Foxx in the role of the President of the U.S. of A. would be akin to the late John Candy playing Toronto Mayor Doug Ford. They may look the part but do not fit the part? Instead of sounding diplomatic, Foxx sounds like a rapper with his fast talk and pronunciation of the word “with” as “wit.”

During the terrorist takeover the bad guys manage to wipe out every security detail in quick fashion with quick blasts from their machine guns. But when it comes to taking out Tatum’s character…John Cal…forget it. Grenades landing at his feet falls from 40 feet, machine gun blasts from 10 feet away. He is indestructible.

Both movies feature the lone mavericks are on a mission of redemption. They are clones of our good friend Bruce Willis’ and character John McClane in the Die Hard franchise. Wrong place. Wrong time.

In White House Down there are more loop holes then there were in the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

Corny and patriotic to say the least….director Roland Emmerich does give us a roller coaster ride though that is entertaining and worthy of the pop, popcorn and pizzazz. Saving grace was the comedic one-liners provided by Donnie the Tour guide played by Nicolas Wright and Aussie actor Jason Clarke was dead on in his lead terrorist role.

Tatum is not bound for an Oscar anytime soon but has improved his acting skills.

Also a poor script kept the action as main focus and that can carry a movie only so far.

And what’s with the police allowing thousands of curious onlookers watch the battle from only a short distance away while missiles light up the sky?

The limo chase scene is a classic.

On a scale of five on the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave scale we give this a two.

See you on the silver screen.