Watercraft users advised to use caution at Snye River boat launch

Residents are being advised to use caution at the Snye River boat launch as sediment buildup has led to narrowing of the mouth of the Snye into the Clearwater River.

The Snye River experiences a natural buildup of sand and vegetation at the tip of Snye Point that requires mechanical dredging to remain safe for water-based users. This summer, sand accumulation was unprecedented as a result of recent Hangingstone River flooding, creating an unforeseen amount of sediment. The Municipality is currently awaiting regulatory approvals from both Provincial and Federal agencies in order to dredge the affected areas of the Snye. The Municipality is now working with Provincial and Federal agencies, who all have jurisdiction over the waterways, to address concerns raised by local boaters.

Signs will be placed at the opening of the Snye to inform residents of the shallow water.  Boaters can use the boat launch at the Horse Pasture Park in Waterways until dredging operations are completed. Residents are urged to be cautious while using the waters in the Snye area.