Politics and sports make strange bedfellows…not

By Curtis J Phillips

To be honest I am no politician or aficionado of the genre.

What I do believe is that the men and women who become involved in politics have a common interest – love of community.

Several of the names and faces entering the local municipal race have a strong connection to the local sports community.

In fact former Mayor and MLA Guy Boutilier, now running for Ward 1 council, announced his very first foray into the world of government in an exclusive 26 years ago.

Back in the early 1980’s Guy also volunteered his time to organize a show called “This Week in Sports” on ABC Cable 10. His passion was evident.  The show won national awards.

It was said many a time back then, when the both of us were in the same room, that it was crowed. No room was big enough for even one of our egos.

Egos are often mistaken for passion.

We were young and loud and full of ideas. Ideas have legs, so let them run.

Guy has been one of the biggest boosters of local sports for decades as a volunteer, be it coaching or organizing an event like the 2000 Royal Bank Cup in which our very own Fort McMurray Oil Barons captured the title.

His heart speaks volumes.

Candidates Phil Meagher and Sheldon Germain also have a strong background in athletic endeavours.

Germain coached Keyano Huskies volleyball and has been at the forefront for many a major function.

Meagher was phys-ed teacher at Composite for many years and in 1983, along with yours truly and two other phys-ed teachers, formed the high school Challenge Cup series.

Meagher has always held the belief that it is someone’s responsibility to unlock the age of enthusiasm in kids and he has, along with the other mentioned gentlemen, held and will continue to hold that key.

Meagher is also in our Wood Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame as an athlete for his long distance running feats.

Hats off to all of the people signing their name to the race.  To you, the reader, please get out and vote. Don’t vote simply because someone has more signs or better social media. Get to know the person…their vision and their heart.

Catch you on the rebound.