You have to watch Broadchurch

By Erin ClarkeBroadchurch-logo

I rarely watch anything live anymore. I have been spoiled by the convenience and wonder of my PVR and seem to zip through commercials without a care in the world.But one day, a couple of months ago, as I was doing some dreaded household chores I had a channel on live and saw a preview for something that both intrigued me and left me really, really looking forward to it. It was a commercial for a British series that was to be shown in North America called “Broadchurch”. I have to tell you, one commercial and I was hooked on wanting to find and watch this show.

The first episode caught me and never let go.  It is brilliant in my opinion, and I have been recommending it left, right and centre to as many people as I can. The series takes place in the English, coastal town of Broadchurch, a normal enough, scenic tourist community that seemed to be sleepy if not all out dull prior to the discovery of a young boy’s body on the beach of the town. 11 year old Danny Latimer was a regular, rambunctious and well known child in his seaside town and this show looks at all aspects of small town life in a microscope to try and find his killer. The detectives on the case are polar opposites – one local looking for a promotion and being passed over in Ellie Miller and the new-to-town, infamous for the wrong reasons, Alec Hardy. This of course brings a dynamic to the show that is very clever in that Ellie knows and believes pretty much everyone and every story from her fellow community members and Alec is of course the flip side of that, looking for holes in all these strangers’ stories.

I love this show for a few reasons.  First was the absolute intrigue I felt as I was watching . I truly did not know who the killer was until the second to last episode, and I have a tendency of figuring out that kind of stuff in some way, which is both totally annoying and a total pain in the butt of anyone watching a movie with me.  Another reason I adored and recommend this show, David Tennant as Alec Hardy is a revelation to me.  I know that he was the Tenth Doctor in the British Doctor Who series but I have never seen one episode of Doctor Who and really only know that cause I obsessively read about TV shows, even if I don’t watch them.  Tennant is a classically trained stage actor and a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and shared the stage in a performance of Hamlet with Sir Patrick Stewart, and after watching the series Broadchurch I want to watch everything and anything he has been in, a wonderful actor that gave a thought-provoking performance is always a treasure to find.

The characters in this program are well developed and the acting is spot on all around, not one single story didn’t ring true as believable.  The grief of the family, the emptiness of a mother that has buried her son, the revelation of the towns people that their sleepy, quiet town is not what they thought it was, and the way that suspicions become fact and history becomes gospel, true or not.  The only negative I can point to about the show, and it wasn’t a deterrent for me but could be for others, is the strong, unwavering thick UK accents throughout the program.  They are fast talkers over there my friends, and this is no exception, between cockney English, slang that is common amongst Brits and the strong Scottish brogue of David Tennant, it may take a replay to get a sentence a time or two.

Broadchurch is now going to be adapted for American audiences next year, but this 8 episode darling should not be missed or overshadowed by its upcoming American cousin, this is a show that is actual must see TV.  Although it was to be a one season run in Britain, they are also adapting a second season as the ending of episode 8 reads “Broadchurch will return” and if it does I want to be there watching this brilliant import to our TV screens.  Did you watch?  What did you think of Broadchurch?  Tweet me at erinl_clarke and let’s talk TV