Giving to Unity House a ‘tradition’ for Neave Spargo

By Nathaniel Crossley

Hello and welcome to this edition of Aurora Kid. In this edition, I interviewed 11-year-old Neave Spargo. Neave goes to Ecole Dickinsfield and is involved in many things like volleyball, running club, musical and SASP (Students Assisting Students Program). Since she was six, for her birthday she wanted gifts, but not for herself. She would give the toys that she received for her birthday, as well as her birthday money, to Unity House.


What are some of the things you do around the world for projects?

Locally: I have been donating my birthday money or gifs to Unity House since I was 6. The first few years I donated toys to the kids who didn’t have anything.  Two years ago I donated $200, last I donated $250, and this year I donated $650.  I let my friends know what I am raising money for and ask them to make a donation instead of bringing presents for me.

Internationally:  I have been organizing fundraisers at school for the past two years and then donating the money to an organization which would help people in need.  Two years ago and last year, ($200 and $250) the proceeds went to the Red Cross to help with famine relief in Africa.  This year, ($365) the proceeds will go to Unicef.

Tell me a little bit about some of your projects.

We started with Art for Africa, two years ago.  I organized a group of my friends to help with the project.  We went to the Principal to get permission and asked a teacher to be our supervisor.  We made posters and went to each class to tell the school what the fundraiser was about.  We asked classes to make artwork that we collected and then sold during the Christmas concert.  Parents bought their kids’ artwork and that money was donated to the Red Cross to go to famine relief.

We have done something similar each year; we sold artwork, friendship bracelets, and duct tape wallets/purses/bows.

What was your favourite project you have done around the world?

Mine would be Art for Africa.

How did you get into doing these types of projects?

I was eating food that I hated.  I didn’t want to eat and my mom said not everyone has food.  It made me feel bad. I brainstormed ideas with my parents and brothers about how I could make a difference.  As we talked, I planned the fundraiser.  The next day, I went to school to talk to my Principal about doing it.  And she said yes!

Where are some of the locations you helped out with?

I do them at school and Unity House.


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