Recycling to help animals and the environment

by Nathaniel Crossley

sheldon loutit

PHOTO – Keaton Loutitt. Supplied.

Hello and welcome to this edition of Aurora Kid. In this edition, we interview 5 year old Keaton Loutitt. Keaton goes to Westview Public School and is involved in many things like the recycling program to raise money for the SPCA.

Here are the questions I gave to him to answer.

Tell me about your fundraising and why it is important in our community?

Keaton- we recycle for the SPCA. The SPCA is important because they help give animals homes. The money that we help raise helps the SPCA feed and take care of the animals. There’s no body else to take care of them if there was no SPCA.

Why do you think it’s important for kids, like you and me to get involved in the community?

Keaton- I learn things about recycling and SPCA and so when I grow up I’ll be a good volunteer.

Keaton and his older sister adopted a 5-month-old Terrier Mix breed from the local SPCA. The dog has been an important member to the Loutitt Family. The terrier takes turns sleeping with each individual kid each night to keep him or her company during the night. Keaton and his older sister hope to adopt a second dog from the SPCA again some day.

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