Recycling to help animals and the environment

By Nathaniel Crossley

Hello and welcome to this edition of Aurora Kid. In this edition, we interview 9 year-old Tyler Loutitt. Tyler goes to Westview Public School and is involved in many things like the art club and the recycling program to raise money for the SPCA.

Tell me about your fundraising? Why is it important in our community?

Every week we collect recycling (juice boxes) and then bring them to the Green Bottle Depot where the money is then donated to the Fort McMurray SPCA. The SPCA is important because it shelters animals that don’t have homes and the recycling helps the environment.

What organizations do you volunteer for?

In the past I’ve volunteered with Graffiti Clean up in Calgary, Ronald McDonald House, and Rock the House Run.

Why do you think it’s important for kids, like you and me to get involved in the community?

It’s fun, it helps people, animals and the environment and it make our community a better place.

Tyler has a 12 yr old terrier mix named Simon that was adopted from the SPCA when he was only 4 months old. He has been such an important member of the family and Tyler can’t image life without him. He takes turns sleeping with each kid every night. Tyler hopes to be able to adopt another dog from the SPCA someday (the sooner the better).

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