A statement from Premier Redford on the end of Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan:

“The story of Canada’s role in Afghanistan is one of service and sacrifice. It is made up of personal commitments, the dedication of families, and a collective desire to make the world a better place.

“Today I’m asking all Albertans to join us in taking a moment to honour the bravery and perseverance of those who have served in Afghanistan. Whether military or civilian, their incredible work to assist those on the other side of the world is a testament to the selflessness of the Canadian spirit.

“It is a moment to celebrate as we welcome home our returning soldiers. But we must also remember those that did not make it back. We must honour their sacrifice in our own way, using the freedom they fought for and died protecting.

“And we must ensure our children learn and understand the stories of Canada and Afghanistan so that they can chart their own futures, free of conflict. Only by building engaged, global citizens, can we both commemorate our heroes and strive to maintain the legacy they have left behind.”