Big Brother Canada returns

By Erin Clarke

There is a new way to tell that spring is coming…..for TV addicts it’s the return of Big Brother Canada, and this season has just begun. The reality show has been successful in many other parts of the world, the most viewed and followed installments are in the United States and Britain but Canada is definitely holding its own with the fans and popularity. While it’s not Survivor or the Amazing Race, it has just as much intrigue and competition as the others but all bundled up in a house where all the “house guests” live, eat, sleep and compete within the confines of the Big Brother House.

If you are not familiar with BB there are 14 House guests at the beginning of the show from all over Canada, and they are locked in a home that is at a level of surveillance that the NSA would be very proud of; no one moves or speaks without it being recorded in some way (with the exception of the bathroom ‘cause ewww). The breakdown of the House guests this year is 7 men and 7 women which of course means hook ups galore…and the fans love a good showmance. In the second season, there is a twist (fans of the American version know that there is always a twist), there is an unknown room within the house that has 3 possible “secret Houseguests” and Canada will get to vote on which one they would like to see enter the competition after a week of watching what I can imagine is them going totally insane locked in a room together. It’s a twist that seems both amusing and cruel at the same time, only one gets in and the others just went through the week of isolation for nothing.

Last year, our awesome city was a part of Big Brother because there was a Houseguest from Fort McMurray, but not this year, this year there are 4 Albertans in there, 3 from Edmonton and 1 from Calgary. There are 5 people from Ontario, 1 from Quebec and BC and 3 east coasters (2 from NL and 1 from NS) and it’s not just provincial borders that define them. There are different ethnic groups, religions, and I’m sure different income levels as well as levels of education and of course there are going to be different opinions on social issues which a lot of the time of BB become the hot topic for the bloggers. Remember how racist and disgusting a few of the houseguests were last summer on the American version? I don’t even remember who won that but I remember all the vile comments spewed like they were universally understood as truth within the house and the way the people saying them were taken to task by other contestants and the media.

All the bios and information as well as behind the scenes footage can be checked out at This group of people are a trip, and that is saying something. People who would leave their lives for up to 2 months, leave their families, jobs and the freedom of the outside world with no phones, internet or even a newspaper would drive the average person nuts. But these are not average people, these are reality show junkies and right after the first 2 episodes you can tell who knows how to play this game and who came to play and win. Last year it wasn’t as clear as fast who the standouts were going to be but one eviction down, which was visible from a football field away, and I really think there are only a few people who understand that this is a long slow game, a marathon, not a sprint and that people who play too hard too quick are not usually the people sitting at the end.

I am going to make some predictions about how I think this is going to play out. I think the 2 guys from Newfoundland are going to stick together, I think one of the girls is going to giggle her way out the door because she seems like a moron who may need help doing up her zippers in the morning and I think the “Dad” of the group is going to annoy so many people so fast that he isn’t going to see a boot in the butt when its coming, but it’s early and the next few weeks are important to the social game and the way the end will play out. I for one look forward to the second installment of this Canadian social experiment.

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