Disa…Wait for it…Prove

By Erin Clarke

Well it happened. One of the most beloved sitcoms of the last decade has ended its run and with most series finales, the reviews were mixed. ‘How I Met Your Mother’ finished last Monday evening and I for one have mixed feeling about the wrap up.

I was a Netflix viewer of this show and it was recommended to me by my fellow TV lover and friend Sarah. I in turn suggested she watch Walking Dead -as you can tell we have very different taste in shows – but came to realize that we really don’t differ all that much because we both loved each other’s recommendations and keep telling each other “you have to watch ….”. I enjoy HIMYM immensely but I don’t think it’s the “perfect sitcom” by a far stretch. I seem to loathe the main character Ted with the heat of a thousand suns while I don’t think that generally is how most fans feel, I watch for Barney, Lily and Marshall mainly. For nine seasons we have followed the merry band of friends as Ted tried to find his soul mate and the hijinks that occurred along the way, the highs and lows of friendships, the breakups, the makeups and marriage. This show was very different at the inception with the voiceover starting every episode and the “Dad” (Ted) telling his kids the story of how he met their mother although we did not meet or see her until the final season. Going into the ninth and final season, things seemed like they were coming to a very nice, tie it up into a bow type of conclusion and really, isn’t that what you want in a sitcom with heart like this one? Not every ending is going to compete with Seinfeld (they all went to jail) or The Sopranos (fade to black) but then the creators got stuck in this idea that the whole ninth season would take place over the 72 hours that all the characters were at a wedding. And that’s when the downward spiral of HIMYM began.

The series finale did a lot of tying up, but a lot of confusion and rage was produced as well. The twitter universe blew up, with some fans loving the finale and some ready to throw their televisions off a balcony. A divorce, a death, a bunch of babies and the absolute sweetest Neil Patrick Harris scene that made me cry like a baby on the couch. The ending was not a love letter to the fans, like most fans expect of their shows. Next year is the final season of Sons of Anarchy, my favourite show, and I just know that the possibility of being 100% satisfied is pretty impossible, but instead the fans of HIMYM were fed a boxed ending that you thought you could see a mile away in Season 3 but figured by Season 9 it would be very different. It was a wonderful show in its own way but the characters, the fans and the series finale deserved better than what they got in the end.