Game of Thrones is back…and badder than before!

By Erin Clarke

iron-throne-teaser-game-of-thrones-18537488-1280-720Beware…if you have not seen episode two of Game of Thrones, SPOILERS ahead.  Two episodes into the 4th season of Game of Thrones on HBO and everything is changing at break neck pace, if you aren’t over the Red Wedding…and let’s be honest, that may possibly have been the most captivating hour of TV in a long time, then strap yourself in for another wild ride.

I have said previously that I have not read all of the books, only the first two, so now I am flying blind with the rest of the viewing public, and I am all in – I think this will be the best season of this brilliant show to date.  No wonder this is currently the most expensive program on TV, it shows. Right from the premiere, to the finale of each season, the show is a wonder: a massive cast, locations beyond imagination and costumes that make even the modern day fashionista envious.

In the first episode of the new season, it felt like a bit of a catch up on a few stories, but there was a new character introduced which also meant a new family to meet and understand in the grand scheme of the 7 ruling families. Prince Oberon (a book favourite) has just arrived in King’s Landing and he seems like he’s gonna bring the noise with him – revenge for past Lannister crimes is on the schedule and I can’t wait to see how this tussle is dealt with by Tywin and his miserable band of children. We are told that this season will be Tyrion-heavy, and I for one couldn’t be happier. I felt last season our favourite drunkard-whore-monger was a little underused, and based off his first scene with the newly arrived Prince Oberon, it’s gonna get crazy. Game-Of-Thrones-KeyArt-02-16x9-1

My current obsessions right now are the partnerships between Arya & The Hound and Jamie & Brieanne, both seen in the first episode and setting up for a very dangerous season for all four. The Hound has evolved as a character and last week showed that he is deep down (way, way, way deep down) an actual human.  And of course the dragons -they are much bigger now and they are not exactly listening to their mother Daenerys.  (Being that they are in their teenage phase I wasn’t surprised -also the fact that they are DRAGONS should have tipped her off.)  I know this is not gonna get me any cheers but I am not loving the Daenerys storyline lately, I am a little over the conquer and free cities and do absolutely nothing else but I have a hunch I won’t feel that way for long.

In the second episode of the season the ‘bleep’ hits the fan, and by the end the King you love to hate has been slain and his Uncle Tyrion is suspect #1, but prior to that there is a wonderful, over the top wedding that would rival most movie wedding scenes. The grand scales of the shots are just spectacular.  Not only is this show brilliantly acted but it is absolutely beautiful to the eye as well.

We finally get an update on Theon who has fully become Reek now, and the opening sequence with him at Ramsey Snow’s side as he tracks down a servant girl with dogs is quite disturbing, and could change the attitude of fans regarding Theon.  Forgiveness comes when you feel very sorry and empathetic to a character that is broken.

Tyrion is fearful for his lover Shae, a past prostitute, and sends her away when he is informed that his family knows who she is, that she is his bedmate, and she is in danger. The wedding begins, the horrible teen King is demeaning to his Uncle Tyrion in front of the whole gathering, and then at the very end of the episode as the poisoned King lays in his mother Cersei’s arms, all the eyes are on Tyrion as he holds the chalice the King drank from.

I am going to miss King Joffrey as a part of this cast for the sadistic, nutbar that he is, and the fact that we didn’t get to see a Stark bring upon his death is deeply disappointing…or did they?  This is going to be the set up for the excitement of this season, the storylines are starting to entwine more now than they have in the past. The Stark children are few and far between but my hope is that they at least come together in some way this season.  I think every episode will have some form of danger for Tyrion and my wish is that my new favourite character, Lady Olenna Tyrell comes to his aid – maybe HBO will take my other suggestion and make those two characters the stars of Season 2 of True Detective.

What did you think of the Purple Wedding? Are you thinking that the show will bottom out on the evil factor now that Joffery is dead?  Tweet me at erinl_clarke and let’s chat TV!