The Circus Dogs of Prague by Rachel Delaney

The Circus Dogs of Prague is the second in Rachel Delaney’s series about intrepid city dogs who set the world to rights. JR and his friends first appeared in The Metro Dogs of Moscow, a finalist for the OLA 2014 Silver Birch Award, which was based on a true story about stray dogs who find their way around the city by using the subway. Now JR, Pie, Robert and Beatrix are on the run again.
Like any self-respecting Jack Russell terrier, all JR wants is to keep everyone in the world happy. Except cats. He hates cats. JR is in Prague on a holiday with his phobic owner George, when he discovers that something is very wrong with Circus Sergei. The management is afraid to try anything new and they are about to go under when JR and his dog pals come to the rescue. If only it didn’t all depend on that pesky cat!

Getting right inside a dog’s head and seeing the world from his perspective is a delightful premise for a book. As the dogs tear around the city, we get a running travelogue on the streets, parks and tourist spots of Prague. These dogs are smart, sarcastic and resourceful; not only can they negotiate the transit system, but they produce a circus act that brings the house down.

A good adventure story, a dog’s-eye view of Prague, and an amusing spin on the symbiotic relationship between dogs and humans, The Circus Dogs of Prague will keep readers entertained right up to the last wag of JR’s over-active tail.

Review provided by National Reading Campaign