Markaz-ul-Islam to host Islamic Awareness Day

7528099732_74566bbd26_oDid you know Muslims discovered coffee? Or, that algebra is their invention? Want to find out more at a fun family event? Join Markaz-ul-Islam, the Islamic Centre of Fort McMurray for their first annual Islamic Awareness Day on Saturday, June 7, at MacDonald Island Park.

The all day event runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Nexen Field House. Attendees will not only be treated to free coffee, but get a chance to ask questions in a friendly atmosphere, and learn more about Islam. Grade six to 12 students from the Fort McMurray Islamic School and other local schools will be displaying their projects on various topics like women’s rights, Muslim inventions, discoveries, and contributions to the world. Traditional food items like samosas, kababs, tandoori chicken, and more will also be available for sale.

Abdul Salam Abdo, President, Markaz-ul-Islam, is excited for the event. He says the day will be full of pleasant surprises.

“The main goal of this event is raise awareness for our fellow citizens about Islam and contribution of Muslims towards civilization and humanity. More than 600 years ago during Islam’s golden era, Muslim scientists discovered and came up with great inventions in science, Math, Algebra, astronomy, and medicine, which are the basis of our current civilization. These inventions can be only credited to Islam, as it teaches its followers to learn and seek knowledge. In fact, Islam made it obligatory for every Muslim male and female to seek knowledge,” Abdo shared.

Bushra Naseer, part of the Markaz-ul-Islam Sisters’ Committee is also helping oversee the event. She says Islamic Awareness Day will be memorable for many reasons.

“We will have everyone’s favourite henna tattoos, face painting, a balloon artist, and many giveaways/prizes for children, my favourite item is the 4GB USB flash drive. We have lots of them,” she said.

An “Ask the Imam” booth will host local Islamic scholars, who will be able to answer any questions. There will be a hijab booth, where ladies can try on the Islamic headscarf.

“It is a wonderful way to learn about Islam and a lot of fun for the whole family,” Naseer added.

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