It’s time for a break-up

By Erin Clarke

It’s pretty rare for me to stop watching a show that I have loved in the past that has just not got the same umph as it used to, but that’s what is currently happening to my relationship with Criminal Minds. As the saying goes “I’m just not that into it anymore”. Like any other relationship, I came into it guns blazing and couldn’t get enough after one fateful afternoon of catching a rerun and then deciding I needed the complete back story of this show and binging 5 seasons just to catch up. My roommate at the time was totally on board so we spent evenings binging on serial killers and murderers like it was no big thing, chatting after each episode about what we liked and didn’t like, what was funny and what was cheesy about the episode. It is after all network TV so there is an inherent cheese factor when you have to do 20-25 hour long episodes a year, but I was hooked and I thought I would be a loyal viewer til the end -then this season happened.

Nothing too drastic about the show changed, there was the introduction of a new character last year played by Jeanne Tripplehorn that was a linguistics professor and to be totally honest after 48 episodes of watching her I had to IMDB the character’s name -by the way it’s Alex Blake – but that couldn’t possibly be the reason I feel so different about this show, could it? I like Tripplehorn, she was fantastic as the first wife of a polygamous family on “Big Love” and has been in a ton of great movies, so if not for the new character, what is it? I finally figured it out, after finishing up the season it hit me -I have figured out the equation to the show and that kinda makes it a bummer. Also there is a larger number of killers and stalkers that target women and I may have hit my limit of “stranger danger” and “she lived alone” storylines being that I fall into the category of victim most killed on this show. I still like the characters, especially Morgan, Reid and Garcia, although they have not really evolved as much in the past years as they did in the beginning. Sure Reid got a girlfriend but surprise, surprise she had a stalker that killed her before Reid could save her, making him now a much more morose of a character. I felt like each new episode was bringing the “UnSub” out of a deeper and darker world than the week before, a guy who turns people into zombies with the rabies virus, an inbred man taking out the sins of his mother on his town and of course the numerous episodes about women being kidnapped, branded and raped just eventually got to me I guess. This year seemed to be bordering on schizophrenic, almost as if they have done it all and now they need to go in a different direction with the UnSubs and make it “scary” instead of “creepy”.

I have only ever given up on 2 other shows, Grey’s Anatomy and True Blood, and both for kind of the same reasons: Grey’s got the boot cause it was the same stories over and over again with different characters involved and then the dreadful “singing episode” pushed me over the edge. True Blood I gave up because it just got so hard to care about what, if anything, happened to those characters, “just kill Sookie and be done with it” I screamed on a weekly basis. Another telltale sign of being totally over a show -pvr backlog – when you look at your recorded shows and one of your ole faves is stacked 10 deep, you are over it. That never happens with Walking Dead or Sons of Anarchy because I cannot wait to see those shows, but if you are “meh” about catching up you are already over it and Criminal Minds was just like that, piling up and watched cause I felt like I needed to instead of just deleting and getting on with it.

So there is it, that’s what I did, I have removed this show from my queue and I don’t know if I will look back, although on a cloudy Sunday afternoon over the summer when there is laundry and housecleaning to do, I may pop in on the BAU during one of the marathons, this show always seems to be on some channel at any given time. Maybe it changes my mind, maybe it doesn’t, I guess we will see in September. Have you ever broken up with a show? Tweet me at erinl_clarke and let’s chat TV