Wapose celebrates decade of service


Vance Medrikis, Wapose Medical operations manager. Photo supplied.

By Lindsay Ducharme

Celebrating a 10-year anniversary is a huge accomplishment for any business; however, Wapose Emergency Services has many reasons to celebrate. In only a decade the company has grown from a small operation to an industry-leading company over 10 times its original size, making it one of largest Aboriginally owned emergency service providers in the country. Wapose Emergency Services’ success can be traced back to owner Ryan Pruden and the emphasis he has placed on detail.

“We are a local company and we are an Aboriginal company and we want to support our local community.  It’s very easy to hire somebody from Edmonton or Calgary or somewhere else and just fly them in and out, but at the end of the day it doesn’t do anything for the local community or the Aboriginal community,” explained Vance Medrikis, Wapose Medical operations manager.

“Our owner is Metis.  We primarily hire locally and our preferred local hires are local Aboriginals,” he continued.


Wapose Emergency Services’ owner Ryan Pruden. Photo supplied

While keeping community and cultural ties strong is a priority for the company, Wapose has also maintained a stellar reputation of offering quality services. Through their services are wide spread, including all site emergency services, such as fire fighting, rescue, medical clinics, immunizations, health testing, security, their standards and records remain among the best in the industry.

Employees includeRegistered EMT (emergency medical technician), EMR (emergency medical responder), paramedics, nurses, and physicians who are staffed at all times, which makes Wapose Emergency Services the largest employer of critical care paramedics in their industry.  Wapose also boasts mobile treatment centers, advanced life support, 4×4 ambulances custom built for northern conditions, aircraft rescue capabilities, fire suppression, drug and alcohol testing, and occupational health testing available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company features the largest privately owned emergency fleet in northern Alberta.

Technology and fleet aside, Medrikis credits their outstanding staff, as well as extensive training Pruden ensures employees receive, with making Wapose so successful.

“We are very good at our jobs.  We are providing the best service we can,” said Medrikis, who himself was hired as a medic seven years ago before working his way up.

Wapose’s stellar reputation has been well earned; in fact they possess an impressive 0.0 TRIF rating (Total Recordable Incident Frequency).  The rating is used as a workplace safety indicator. The company also boasts one of the fastest response times

With 10 years now under their belts, Wapose has no plans of slowing down. “It’s a great milestone, it means what we are doing is working. We are going to keep doing what we are doing, keep providing the services at our high quality, keep supporting the local community and keep growing,” Medrikis promised.

For more information on Wapose Emergency Services, including their complete list of services offered, visit their website http://wapose.ca/index.html