Gearing up for 3rd annual Northern Warrior Race

By Lindsay Ducharme

Getting dirty never felt so good. The Centre of Hope is gearing up for their third annual Northern Warrior Race, a hybrid event combining elements from popular Spartan Races, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder and even Colour Runs. Event organizer, communications and fund development director at the Centre of Hope, Barbara Rex promised that this year’s event would exceed expectations.

“We are really excited because we are in collaboration this year with Anzac Days,. The Race will be taking place on August 16th and we are looking to have at least 20 obstacles for this year. We’ve really grown the race over the last three years. We put a lot of obstacles in, but we keep it fun with the mud and we actually even throw some paint at you.”


PHOTO: Supplied.

“Participants will be leaving from Anzac and then completing either a five kilometer or 10 kilometer race. We recommend the 10 kilometer because you get a little dirtier and typically if you can do 5 kilometer you can do 10 kilometer,” she added.

By linking the Northern Warrior Race with Anzac Days, Rex is hoping more families will consider participating in the event together. As such, event organizers have opened the race up to allow the participation of youth this year. Children aged 12-18 will be able to register in the 5-kilometer event. The race’s obstacles are set to include elements such as monkey bar mayhem, over and under mud crawl, and a 20ft mesh climb.

Not only is Rex busy gathering participant registrations, she is actively recruiting volunteers for the event as well. As she explained that volunteers are equally as important to the success of the race is the participation themselves. “Because we have so many obstacles and it’s such a unique events we need a lot of high energy volunteers to come out from 9 am until 2 pm to hang out at the obstacle and make sure everything is being run fair because it is a race and some people are there to go for time.”

“It’s a really fun event, why not volunteer to participate at that level. If you do volunteer you are a part of Anzac Days as well so there’s family friendly activities to do as well afterwards, which is why we were really excited to be in collaboration with Anzac Days this year,” she continued.

Rex said they are looking for between 40-60 volunteers to help out with this year’s race. She believes volunteering would be an excellent way for those unable to, or possible apprehensive about, participating in the race itself to get involved as an event volunteer. “And of course, it’s for a great cause,” she noted. All money raised through the Northern Warrior Race will go directly to the Centre of Hope’s intake program, their front-line service most accessed by the homeless population.

Those interested in registering in the Northern Warrior Race can do son online at Those interested in volunteering for the event can call the Centre of Hope at 780-743-3912.