Local teen represents Alberta North in the games

By Nathaniel Crossley

Hello and welcome to this edition of Aurora kid where I interview amazing kids doing amazing things in our community! This week, I interviewed 15 year-old Kyla Butz.


PHOTO: Supplied.

Kyla was on the Arctic Winter Games Alberta North Junior Women’s Hockey team and has been playing hockey for 10 years now. Last year Kyla went Ecole McTavish Junior High Public School and enrolled in the Edge Hockey Academy. This year she will be moving to Wilcox Saskatchewan to attend Notre Dame for her grade 10 year. Kyla will be playing on their Female Midget AAA team, an affiliate for their Junior Women’s team (JWHL) throughout the school year. In school she enjoys taking part in cross country running, track and field, volleyball and band. Kyla’s hobbies include running, street hockey, reading, drawing, and listening to music. She also participates in the ASDC program at the Sport and Wellness Centre alongside of her workouts with a personal strength trainer.

As I said in the beginning, Kyla played on the Alberta North Junior Women’s hockey team. For Kyla, (being the youngest on the team), making the team was a huge honour! Kyla couldn’t have been more proud to represent Alberta North in Fairbanks, Alaska at the games. All the Alberta North athletes got a charter flight to and from Alaska leaving on March 15th and returning on the 23rd. In total there were nine teams: Alaska, Alberta North, Yamal, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Greenland, Nunavut, Sapmi and Nunavik-Quebec. Kyla’s team lost against Alaska in a close 1-0 score in the gold medal final, so we went home with silver Ulu’s (medals). Her favorite thing about the Arctic Winter Games was the fact that it was like a mini Olympics. Kyla got to meet so many great people and learn and watch new sports which she really enjoyed because it gave her a chance to step outside of the box to go out there and meet new friends.

When Kyla was younger she always loved watching hockey with her dad, help with building a rink in the backyard and playing until she couldn’t feel her toes anymore in the cold temperatures. Being born and raised in a hockey family from both her mom and dad’s sides, Kyla has always been surrounded by the game. Her younger brothers Wesley (13), who played on this year’s Peewee AA team, and Ethan (11) both play hockey as well.

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