Small Business Week: ‘The right team of people makes all the difference,’

By Lindsay Ducharmesm-biz-logo

Campbell’s Music has not only managed to survive in the ever-evolving Wood Buffalo community, they have been thriving as a small business for almost 40 years. Although the business has changed hands a few times over the years, opening in 1976 under Murray Campbell before Mike Allen came on as a partner in 1993, taking over the business entirely in 1995 and adding new managing partner Scott Meller in 2003, one thing has remained constant, Campbell Music’s devotion to promoting music, rather than simply selling it.

“We are musicians. We want you to feel that when you come in, that you are family, because you are. We take the positivity of music and spread our joy and be the best musical stewards we can be,” said Meller.

“Over the years I’ve developed this personal mission statement that my job is to positively influence my community through music and that’s something that we really take to heart through the operation of Campbell’s Music. We do that through a variety of ways whether it’s working to promote music lessons in the community or helping to promote concerts to bring live music to the community, to generally enhance the movement of the arts,” he added.

Campbell’s Music sells and rents instruments and public address items and does its best to promote the work of local artists by selling their CDs, however, Mellere explains their work stretches far beyond simply sales. “We are proud to be representing more than just a product, more than just a box of stuff, we are providing people with passion to help you achieve your goal in music. What keeps me getting up and going to work every day is that every day I get to watch music grow in our community.”

“As a team we have evolved over the years, but the common thread amongst all those evolutions are that the people who work with us are not there to make money, they are there because they love music and they love music so much that they want to share their passion with the entire community, that makes me proud,” Meller laminated.

Sharing their passion with the community extends beyond the Campbell’s Music storefront, as Meller points out that the business has made it a priority to get involved and support the community as much as possible.

“Wherever we are asked we always try to provide musical support. We view our role as positively influencing our world through music. Over the years we have donated public address items to the Justin Slade Youth Foundation, United Way, and The Legion. We’ve provided discounts and support to everything from Take Back the Night, Run for the Cure, Relay for Life, to Big Brothers Big Sisters and Kids Forever. How do we support the community? Any way we can.”

Running a small business within the unique setting of Wood Buffalo has not been without its fair share of challenges, however. Meller stressed that the dedicated staff at Campbell’s Music have allowed them to overcome any obstacle.

“There is no secret (to our success.) It’s all about getting passionate people who want to positively carry on their passion to other people. The right team of people makes all the difference in the world.”