Convergence YMM gearing up for 2015 conference

By Lindsay Ducharme

The third annual Convergence YMM event may still be a few months away, however, event organizers have already begun preparations to ensure the 2015 conference, taking place February 11th and 12th, will continue to offer thought-provoking conversations and expert advice that fans of the conference have come to expect. In an effort to ensure the conference continues to expand and engage it’s audience, organizers have recruited a large number of community members to serve on newly created planning committees.

“We were looking for people to serve on the advisory committee and also for people to serve on the planning committee. We received an impressive amount of applications for all the committees we were looking to fill,” explained Ifeatu Efu, social prosperity Wood Buffalo project manager and Convergence YMM event organizer.
Convergence YMM will now feature six new committees including event logistics, experience, speakers, sponsorship, communications, and evaluation and reporting. Efu said the former steering committee felt the incorporating of the new committees was necessary to create the best event possible.
“There were conversations that took place in the summer after the 2014 convergence YMM to talk about the key things that came out of the conference and also to guide the committee moving forward. We want to make sure the conference is meaningful for those that are attending,” Efu said.

“As a result of that conversation we established two desired outcomes, that the conference will be accessible to the entire social profit sector, and also to evolve the steering committee into an advisory committee. We want the advisory committee to discuss what the conference should look like and have another group, the planning committee, execute the vision. That how we will be running moving forward,” she added.

Although the committees are very new to Convergence YMM, having only formed this month, the groups have hit the ground running. Efu said the new advisory committee met for the first time November 6th to discuss what the upcoming conference will “look like” and that the group will be finalizing the details within the next week.

“We want people to know that it’s definitely going to be a lot of interesting conversations and talk around understanding the sectors because we have all these different sectors – youth, arts, etc. – and sometimes their work overlaps.”

“We do lots of great and meaningful work for our community and because we are a sector of doers as the social profit sector. We don’t really have a lot of opportunities to come together as a sector and plan as a collective group. This conference helps the sector come together and collectively plan for the future and have a collective vision.”

Convergence YMM is a two-day conference developed by and for the social profit sector two years ago in an effort to avoid the pitfalls associated with rapid population growth. The conference focuses specifically on the challenges faced by the social profit sector.

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