33rd Annual Christmas wishlist to Fort McMurray sports

By Curtis J Phillips

Imagine getting a mint T206 Honus Wagner baseball card in your stocking for Christmas.  Printed in the early 1900s’, the card would nowadays catch you a cool $2 million or so on the memorabilia market.

The simple reason for its popularity is that Wagner, a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, was going to sue the American Tobacco Company if they did not pull it from production, so only 57 cards ever made it into circulation among the general public.  Wagner, like me, was a non-smoker. He also wore jersey No. 33.

Which is a long lead in to the fact that this is my 33rd annual Christmas Wishlist to Fort McMurray Sports.  So with no further ado, here, once again we send out stocking stuffers.

Sun and fun for the hosting of the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games, August 7-16, 2015. A simple wish for a huge and we mean HUGE event.

Snow and more snow along with championship runs for Fort McMurray Olympian cross country skier Graeme Killick and hopefully, soon to be Olympian, snowboarder Brooke Voight.

Smooth ice and a victory for the Fort McMurray Oil Barons in hosting the 2015 Crescent Point Energy Western Canada Cup April 25 – May 3, 2015. The winner advances to the 2015 Royal Bank Cup National Junior A Championships which the Oil Barons captured in 2000.

For Mark Hartigan to have his name inscribed, rightfully so, on the Stanley Cup.

Plenty of cold fish hooked during the Winterfest Family Fishing Derby out Anzac way February 14 2015.

Return to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association championships for Keyano Huskies men’s soccer team and cross country runner Idris Ahmed.

Fans, fans and more fans along with plenty of vuvuzelas for our first ever regular season professional team sport professional event as the FC Edmonton host an yet to be named  opponent from the North American Soccer League for what is aptly titled the Wood Buffalo Cup. Honoured to be the Honourary Chairman.

Longevity for our elite athletes performing away from home, which include Jason Loutitt, Chris Phillips, Scottie Upshall, Michal Dyck, Sam Salter, Brad Stebner, Janet Hatfield, Lori Olson Johns, Tyler Gron, Brad Mills and Al Hancock just to name a few.

Plenty of slam dunks for the fans as the Keyano Huskies host the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference men’s basketball championships March 5-7 at the Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre.

Continued success to swimmer Josh Dow as he slowly or make that quickly swims up the national ladder.

Perfect greens and a few holes in one for the annual Syncrude Boreal Open at Fort McMurray Golf Course. Toss in a winning cheque for Stuart Anderson.

Dust and plenty of airtime with safe landings for McMurray Dirt Riders out at Valiant Memorial Parr.

Brooms a sweeping for the newcomer to the World Curling Tour, the Elite 10 to be held down at MacDonald Island. March 18-22, 2015.

For FMHSAA to form alumni association for all four senior highs, Composite, Holy Trinity, Merc and Westwood, so kids don’t have to pay big $ to play.

The announcement of a major hockey team to complement the Oil Barons and Keyano Huskies be it in the Western Hockey League, American Hockey League or ECHL.

It’s been 20 years since Kickfest but how about another martial arts evening with all the martial arts groups under one roof for demonstrations/competition be it Bowman’s Taekwondo, Fort McMurray Shotokan Karate Association, Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Renshikan Kenkyu Kai and the granddaddy of them all, the Ni-Ten Judo Club.

A few more world championships for jet skier Mike Klippenstein. When will he hit No. 30?

Once again a case of Bengay as the Fort McMurray Monarch Football Club head into year No. 2 in the Alberta Football League.

A chance to showcase our region’s state-of-the-art recreation facilities during the 2015 Tim Horton’s Canadian Ringette Championship, March 29-April 4, 2015. Not only will they be skating in Fort McMurray but on ice surfaces out in Anzac and Fort McKay.

A trip of a lifetime for Jack Tobin, Blaine Rolling, Calvin Morrison and Chris Nolan as they coach and manage Team Ireland at the 2015 World Ball Hockey Federation’s World Championships to be held next May in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Return to the arm wrestling arena for a healthy Brian Briere.

For Syncrude Aquatic Centre to find enough local interest to add on synchronized swimming, diving, underwater hockey, water basketball, water volleyball and the list goes on and on and on

Continued growth and success to the Fort McMurray Shamrocks Gaelic Football Club, Fort McMurray Snowdrifters, Northern Lights Triathlon Club. Fort McMurray Youth Soccer, Norfort Gymnastics Club, Wood Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame, Fort McMurray Chess Club, Noralta Figure Skating Club, Fort McMurray Flag Football, Vista Ridge, Tarsand Betties Roller Derby, Knights Rugby Club, Sweet Science of Boxing and the rest of our amazing sports community.

Catch you on the rebound.