New health-casual spot opens on Franklin

by Lindsay Ducharme

Busy residents struggling to remain true to their healthy eating resolutions of the New Year are in luck with the opening of the Freshii last week. Touting itself as “health-casual”, Freshii presents a health conscious menu selection, in the fast-food genre.
“At Freshii we really just want to energize people, we want people to eat healthy in an easy way. I know people are busy, they don’t necessarily have time, what Freshii does is it makes eating healthy on the go really easy,” explained Freshii head office communications coordinator Mia Jacobs.
“It’s so easy to pick up something unhealthy but to have that healthy option, in that fast, casual way is really something that’s missing. For people who don’t know what Freshii is, they can certainly expect so much more than salads,” Jacobs promised.
Indeed, while Freshii boasts a plethora of salad variety’s, both traditional and creative, they also offer a variety of wraps, soups, burritos, grain bowls, juices, smoothies, and frozen yogurt.
“The majority of local options in the fast-casual world in Fort McMurray are really burgers, subs, sandwiches nothing like what Freshii is going to offer. Our menu is going to offer such a variety of healthy options in the same quick, easy, to-go, way that everything else does,” echoed local franchisee Chris Burrows.
Although Freshii just opened in Fort McMurray on January 20th, if their reputation is any indication, it will soon become a mainstay in the region’s fast-food offerings. Freshii first opened its doors in Toronto in 2005, since then, they have expanded rapidly across Canada and the U.S., Europe, South America and the Middle East. Jacobs attributes the brand’s success to tapping into the desires of the public and constantly working to ensure they are offering the healthiest of options.
“If you look back ten years ago in the health casual world the things that were up and coming were things like brown rice and spinach and come today, ten years later, it’s things like kale and quinoa. Freshii is really trying to push the envelop and say what’s the next kale and quinoa going to be, how can we make these almost foreign ingredients that not everyone knows, ho

w can incorporate them into your life to really energize you and help people feel well when they eat,” she said.
For those who are just embarking on their healthy eating journey, Jacobs encourages customers not to be scared off by some of the more “hard-core” dishes. Instead, she explained Freshii offers items for everyone.
Freshii is located at 9612 Franklin Ave. open daily from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. For more information, including their menu, visit Freshii’s website