Aurora KID: The Charity Jar

by Nathaniel Crossley

The Charity Jar

The Charity Jar

Gwenna Halinda is an 11 year old Ecole Dickensfield student who enjoys sports, reading and dancing.   Gwenna separates her weekly allowance into three parts: spending, long term savings, and a special container she calls the Charity Jar. The Charity Jar is for savings from her allowance that she donates to various things, like the World Wildlife Fund for endangered animals, and giving animals to families in other countries through World Vision. Gwenna has also donated to a family who had a sick baby, to the ALS Bucket Challenge at her school, Terry Fox Walk and Unicef. She’s also done fundraising with her cousin for Children’s Cancer research selling lemonade, and donated money from recycling bottles to the SPCA. Gwenna has also donated birthday gift money to help endangered animals. Instead of gifts, she has often given donations on their behalf.   Gwenna says she once donated money to Operation Smile as a gift for one of her teachers and that the teacher was so touched they cried.


In November, Gwenna wanted to help homeless people because it was getting cold out and she didn’t want them to be freezing. She had $20 in her Charity Jar. Gwenna and her mom went to Walmart to buy warm socks and mittens. In the store her mom said she would match Gwenna’s $20. Gwenna’s mom also suggested they phone their friends and family to see if they would like to match it. Right there in the store they got $180. When Gwenna got home they put it on Facebook, and got $540. When she went to school they had a meeting with the Global Club and told them what Gwenna did. Then the Global Club came up with the Tree of Hope idea, which was a Christmas tree that anyone could decorate with donated socks and hats. They raised $1200 worth of items for the Center of Hope.  Gwenna’s friends thought it was really cool, and joined in. Her school does lots of events like this.


Gwenna also helps with the Global Club at school. They help the environment and with organizations that help people in Fort McMurray and all over the world. They also teach equality with Anti-Racism Day, Black History Month and a multicultural Fashion Show. Gwenna’s mom saw the idea in a parenting magazine for the jar, but her family has always donated and the Global Club and her school are always helping in various ways. Ecole Dickensfield is a Leader In Me School, and Gwenna wants to be proactive and create a snowball of people helping. She does it because she wants to help people and animals. Gwenna is grateful for what she has, and wants to be a good citizen. With the jar, Gwenna has raised around 1,600 dollars in total.


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