RRC welcomes former Canada Place Executive as new CEO

by Lindsay Ducharme

The Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo (RRC) has officially announced Annette Antoniak as their new Chief Executive Officer.
“It is with great pleasure the RRC welcomes Annette Antoniak as CEO. Annette brings an impressive set of skills and experience to the role, during her tenure as executive vice president of Canada Place Corporation, president and CEO of the National Exhibition and president and CEO of British Columbia Olympic and Paralympic Games Secretariat,” said Michael Cachia, chair of the board of directors of the RRC.
“The Board of Directors and I have great confidence that Annette is ideally suited to lead the RRC to continued success as we deliver excellence in sport, recreation and event experience, meeting our vision to make a difference in the Wood Buffalo region everyday,” he added.
While selecting the new CEO was no easy feat, with over 150 inquires, 40 applicants and a very strong group of top ten candidates, it was Antoniak’s past experience and roles that Cachia described as the “catalyst” for her selection. Cachia also highlighted her approach and philosophy surrounding how she deals with people and the culture she brings to her work environment, as elements that set her apart from her competition.
“Certainly she has a bevy of events experience and a big depth of experience in terms of working with big organizations, liaising with municipal administration and council, so she is quite well versed and well skilled in a variety of areas in that domain.”
Antoniak was most recently employed with the City of Penticton as chief administration officer and will officially embark on her new role as CEO of RRC on April 6th.
Cachia thanked Russell Agnew who acted as RRC interim chief operating operator during the recruitment process. Agnew will remain interim COO as well as chief financial officer while Antoniak transitions into her new role.
With Antoniak’s transition beginning in the early spring, she will jump into an already packed schedule of events at Shell Place. Cachia stressed that her appointment will not slow down the line-up for the remainder of 2015; on the contrary he expects more events to be scheduled.
“There’s no holding back. We’re going to be aggressive in scheduling activities at Shell Place. We will be continuing to fill the dance ticket so to speak for Shell Place in 2015 carrying on to 2016 and beyond,” he promised.
“We’ve got such a big list of upcoming events. We’ve got ringette happening, we’ve got the Grand Slam of Curling coming, We’ve got the Northern Kickoff June 13th exhibition game and then we’ve got the June 27th game that just got announced last week, and of course Aerosmith, along with the Western Canada Summer Games. It’s going to be a very busy time at Shell Place and I’m really encouraging people to get their tickets early and take advantage of these events because we are really working hard to bring the types of events to Fort McMurray that you otherwise would have to travel to go see.”
For more information on Shell Place, including events schedule visit the website http://www.macdonaldisland.ca/shell-place.