Council directs Administration to review 2015 budgets

RMWB The Municipality will carefully review the operating budget and approved significant capital projects as directed by Council.
At last night’s meeting, Council directed the Municipality to take a critical look at capital projects that have budget approval for more than $10 million. Administration will also review the 2015 operating budget for saving opportunities as directed by Council.
“As the Chair of the Audit and Budget Committee, I’m committed to ensuring we operate in a fiscally responsible, open and transparent manner,” said Cr. Sheldon Germain, who introduced the motion to review the operating budget. “It never hurts taking a second look at spending to make sure you have it right.”
“I believe it’s financially prudent to look at large capital projects to determine whether these are feasible given the current economic climate,” said Cr. Tyran Ault, who brought the motion regarding capital projects forward. “We have a large amount of unfunded capital projects for this and future years, so we need to look at our needs versus our wants.”
“We’re reviewing our spending to ensure we continue to be in a fiscally responsible position going forward,” said Elsie Hutton, Chief Financial Officer. “While reviewing our operating budget and capital projects, we’ll ensure our recommendations are in the best interests of taxpayers.”
The 2015 Capital Budget and Operating Budget and Financial Plan were approved by Council in December 2014 following an extensive and thorough budget process that began in June. So far, no changes have been made to these plans.
Administration will present its findings to Council at the March 24 Council meeting, when Mayor and Council will have the opportunity to ask questions, debate and vote on next steps.