Ward 1 By-Election: Mohammad stresses accountability and availability

by Lindsay Ducharme

Ward 1 By-election  candidate Dogar Shafiq  Mohammad

Ward 1 By-election
candidate Dogar Shafiq

Dogar Shafiq Mohammad believes he is the man to fill the gap on council. “Guy Boutillier was a very effective man and I believe I can be effective to fill in the gap.”
“I am a family man, all my children are married and living in town. I have a passion to serve the community,” he added.
In order to serve the community he has been a resident of for the past decade, Mohammad believes creating a culture of financial accountability should be issue number one.
“I believe council needs an overhaul. There needs to be more accountability. There was no accountability in the last audit. Whenever something good happens people are quick to take credit, but when there is a problem nobody takes responsibility, everybody blames others. That needs to stop. Supervisors need to take responsibility. If someone says they are not informed it is their weakness, there is no excuse,” he explained.
Mohammad said council is also severely lacking in community consultation. He believes council is, for the most part, “unavailable” to the public. Should he be elected, Mohammad has numerous ideas on how council members can become more accessible to residents.
“We need community integration, continuous consultation with the community by hosting engagement sessions, attending community centers and other public gatherings to obtain feedback,” he stressed.
“At least half the councilors should be full time so that when a resident has a concern there would be a councilor or Mayor to talk to,” he recalled.
Though Mohammad has called Wood Buffalo home for the past ten years, he has lived in a variety of municipalities across Canada, as well as throughout the world. Mohammad said he would draw upon his past experiences and incorporate “the best of the best” ideas in Wood Buffalo.
“I have a lot of visions that would benefit the community. I am particularly a supporter of new residents and new Canadians. I would strive to have minorities join the mainstream to encourage a stronger and better community and a stronger and better Canada,” he said.
“I want to repay the community for everything it has given to me. I promise to be available 100 percent of the time; I will be available full time. I have the energy and I have the passion. People should give me a chance, they won’t be disappointed,” he promised.