Hot Mess Handbook: Why is it so difficult to stick with our goals?

by LK Elliott

Ex Hot Mess CoverPop Quiz: It’s now April, and how many of us are still sticking to our New Year’s resolutions? There’s no need for judgment or despair, but let’s analyze why it’s so difficult to stick with our goals. The secret lies in our approach for making changes. If we want to “lose weight” we will go to the gym, and adopt a diet, but why is that often not enough?
Because in order to create lasting changes we can’t only focus on our bodies, we must maintain a balance between our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Let’s compare building a healthy body to building a home. Regardless of how sound the home’s construction is, it’s not going to stand for long if it’s built on unstable land, correct? What about if we build a home without a solid foundation? It probably won’t last long either, will it? That is because a home’s stability is not just based on the structure of beams and nails, but also a good foundation and stable ground to give it balance. Our mental and spiritual strength is the “land and foundation” which your physical body requires to remain strong and balanced.
You can work out daily and follow a strict diet, but if your mental stability is lacking then you are going to hit the sweets hard the next time something stressful happens. If you’re trying to quit smoking but haven’t taken the time to figure out a healthy alternative to coping with stress, you are inevitably going to crack because everyone needs an outlet for when life throws you a few curveballs. This concept can be applied to any goals you are trying to achieve.
If you ever find yourself yo-yoing on your journey towards a goal, ask yourself “am I working on myself mentally, spiritually and physically?” and if you see something lacking, you need to incorporate that area of improvement into your daily routine.
Taking a morning walk in the Birchwood trails is an excellent way to not only connect with yourself physically, but also spiritually and mentally. You can focus on deep breathing, and begin to think of all the things you’re grateful for. Doing that each morning is a great way to set yourself up for success in your day. Yoga is another wonderful practice which includes physical, spiritual and mental activity simultaneously. If you’d prefer separating your tasks you could do that by exercising, meditating and journaling daily.
Also, try these Hot Mess Health Tips to kick start great health:
•Drink Up: Increase your water intake to 2 liters for women (3 liters for men), depending on your activity level.
•Juice: A juicer is an incredible investment for your health. Make sure to include lots of greens for maximum benefit.
•Go Green: Substitute your morning coffee for green tea, it’s packed with antioxidants and also helps curb hunger.
•Snack Often: Try eating 5-6 small meals a day (2-3 hours apart) rather than 2-3 large ones, for continuous energy and fuel
•Sugar Cravings: Try cinnamon the next time a craving hits, as it helps blood sugar levels from spiking