HALOS creates 100 Women networking event to benefit local charities

by Lindsay Ducharme

HALOS, Helping Assist Local Organizations Society, hopes to support a variety of non-profit organizations throughout the region this year, foregoing a traditional large scale, sponsorship-seeking event in favour of a women’s only evening out. Their new initiative, aptly titled 100 Women, seeks to recruit 100 ladies across the region to participate in four events throughout the year.
“This year especially with the economic crunch, we decided instead of getting money out of businesses and industry to go a different route,” explained HALOS committee member, Debbie Hahn.
“We thought getting 100 women together would be a great way for women who like to give back, but maybe don’t have the time, to help in the community. This is also a way to get more of the community involved,” she added.
Describing the events as a “couple hours of networking” with like minded women, fellow HALOS committee member Pam Burns stressed that while the events will require a minimal amount of time, those involved will truly have an impact within the community as they will be the ones who decide exactly who the money raised will benefit.
“We have asked local non-profits to apply to us for funding, once the applications are in it will be the choice of the ladies participating who the money will go towards.”
“It requires minimal time and energy on their part, and they are really contributing to giving back to local non profits,” added Hahn.
Hahn explained that participants will simply download an app and will vote on the organization they would like to support during the event. Each event will raise $10,000 through ticket sales, all of which will be donated to a non-profit organization.
“Over the year it will be $40,000 raised that will go back into the community. At each event the women will choose, so it will be four different organizations who will benefit.”
Burns assured women interested in the event that organizers have put consideration into the busy lifestyles of Wood Buffalo residents, and as such have tried to create an event schedule that compliments shift work.
“Everybody has a different schedule so we want to be able to accommodate as many people as possible. Our first event will be June 7th. Then we will have another event in September, and then December and March. We are still trying to secure the future dates, but we plan on hosting the events on a variety of days, some will be on a Saturday afternoon, some will be on a Sunday.”
No matter the day, HALOS hopes 100 Women will be a series that creates both networking opportunities and new friendships.
For more information on 100 Women, including application information, visit the HALOS website halosfm.com, like them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/halosfm), or follow them on Twitter (@HALOS_FM).