Hot Mess Handbook: Work in Progress

by LK Elliott

When I first began my transformational journey, I started with a list of things that I wanted to improve and got to work. I read the books, did the reflecting, and made huge strides in the right direction. I had an end result in mind, and that involved me being a “complete project”.
This complete project appeared in the form of a balanced, happy, and peaceful human being who did not have issues anymore. I figured there were a few things that I needed to “fix” and then I would be done.
I felt a level of frustration in my journey because each weakness I would improve on would leave space for a new weakness I would eventually discover. And then I would work on that one, and find yet another. It was a job that never ended, and that was a little discouraging. I was in need of a perception shift.
I went to the gym to blow off steam, and there I realized that while my body had plenty of room for improvement, none of those discouraged me. I couldn’t do a pull up to save my life, but it didn’t frustrate me. Because in my mind I knew that if I worked on it consistently I could change anything I was unhappy with. I consciously knew that building a body I am proud of was going to be a constant work in progress, and I realized the very same was true for my mental and spiritual journey.
It was with that comparison that I was able to change my outlook on personal development. Rather than seeing a future of constant evolution and improvement as daunting, I saw it as exciting. I now accept myself as a “work in progress” and understand that my transformational journey will never be complete, in any area of my life. There will always be more to learn, ways to grow, and areas to improve. And thank goodness, because what else are we going to do the rest of our lives?
Could you imagine life if all the lessons were already learned, and everything you ever needed to do was already done? How boring would that be? The reason our work will never really be complete is because as we improve and grow as human beings, our standards naturally rise. As our standards rise, we will want all areas of our lives to be at that level. This is a good thing, and we need to appreciate the opportunities for growth that arise each day.
Our evolution is in constant motion, and as one area improves, we will find another area that needs to catch up. This cycle is the very essence of what life is all about. We grow in all areas of our lives, so that we can become a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday.