Aurora Kid experiences a “Beautiful Day” with U2 on tour

By NATHANIEL CROSSLEY, Connect Contributor

Crossley on stage during U2’s iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour. SUPPLIED PHOTO,

Crossley on stage during U2’s iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour. SUPPLIED PHOTO,

A short while ago, I had the privilege of seeing the tour opener for the Irish rock band, U2 in Vancouver, BC with my father. I not only got to see one show, but two that week. Both shows had great set lists and they had a different variety of songs for each show. The stage was designed to represent an “E” and an “I”, so at the E-Stage, there are light strips forming an “E”.

These are my five pros and cons (in no order and only one con because it was amazing) for both concerts.

5. PRO: The Set list Variety – Going off “The Edge” – Both shows had AMAZING set lists, but the one that stood out to me the most was night two. It had the most oldies and songs that they rarely play like: “Angels of Harlem”, “Miracle Drug”, “When Love comes to Town”, etc. The second night after “Miracle Drug”, they instantly transitioned into “Bad”, which was absolutely incredible live. The only thing that did slow them down was Edge falling off the stage at the end of the first show (during “I still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. Thankfully, he was not injured and only suffered some minor cuts on his arm.

4. CON: Paperless Entry – Now, here’s something that shouldn’t be a hassle – those “Tap-to-Pay” credit cards. But, trust me, it was. At the gate when you walk up, they have this little card reader to scan your credit card because your U2 tickets are on that card. Thing is, it’s prone to failing making people who spent days lining up for a rail spot loose it because of some failure. Luckily, our friends whose card did not fail saved us a spot at the rail, about five feet up the catwalk from the main stage.

3. PRO: Rail Spots – Here’s something that surprised me the second night. We went around 7 p.m. to Rogers Arena and we got a rail spot on the E-Stage. We had an amazing view. The best rail spot to be at is right smack in the middle if you want to see the band or right against the wall if you want to see the visuals.

2. PRO: Visuals on screen – Now, I didn’t see much of the screen visuals because I was front row (rail) both nights, but from what I heard, they are stunning. The visuals take you through the early stages of Bono’s life and the creation of the band, up until the present date.

Bono leaned up against one of the poles and then pointed to me and pointed at me to come up.

1. PRO: Being up on stage – A dream come true – This was purely awesome. A young girl named Reilly was pulled up for “The Sweetest Thing” and had a cell to tape the performance. Now, the big highlight for me was during the end of City of Blinding Lights, Bono leaned up against one of the poles and then pointed to me and pointed at me to come up. Everyone around me was in shock and Bono positioned against one of the poles (which I now call The N Point). Bono walked back and the chords to a “Beautiful Day” began.

During the whole song, Bono and I exchanged several high fives, asked me my name and sang to me the entire song and ended with a snippet of The Ramone’s “I Remember You”. Near the end, I decided to get the crowd involved and started dancing and waving to the crowd. The crowd went crazy and Bono loved it.

This experience was awesome because I met him in 2011 in Denver, CO. I’m pretty sure he remembered me because he knew me for the “Bono, I got your Back” fan page that I did when I was eight years old. Or it might have been that right before the show one of Bono’s main support staff hung a necklace on his quick-change mirror.

It was a necklace of the “Africa Continent” that I bought for him in Africa for my project. Whatever it was, at 13, I had a dream come true. Thank You Bono!