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Amy Hef performs on the Mainstage at Visitor’s Villiage at 8 p.m. on Sunday, August 16, 2015. SUPPLIED PHOTO.

Amy Hef performs on the Mainstage at Visitor’s Villiage at 8 p.m. on Sunday, August 16, 2015. SUPPLIED PHOTO.

Fort McMurray musician Amy Heffernan will be returning to her hometown stage to entertain for the Western Canada Summer Games on August 16 at 9 p.m. at the Visitor’s Village.

Amy Hef’s sound is cross generational rock paired with a fresh do-what-I-want rebelliousness. Along with being talented vocally, Amy plays guitar and is incredibly skilled on the drums. Her music draws a lyrical likeness to fellow female Canadian musicians Jann Arden and Alanis Morrisette with an original rock presentation that enlightens audiences to the complexities of relationships, love and being yourself.

Amy began her career eight years ago and says her time in Fort McMurray, where she went to grade school, helped to shape her in to the successful artist she is today. Amy is currently sharing her time on the road, in Calgary and in Los Angeles. Amy says her parents and family have unquestionably supported her throughout her career and whenever they can, come support her at her concerts.

Without a doubt, her biggest fans in Fort McMurray will be in the crowd cheering her on August 16. Amy confirmed her set list will include songs from her current album: Ah! (Currently available on iTunes), as well as a few songs from her new album set to drop on August 28, 2015. She will be showing some serious love for her hometown and will be giving her awesome folks a shout out she joked, “So, I don’t get grounded.”

Heffernan’s incredible confidence, paired with her down-to-earth attitude embodies the attitude of Fort McMurray’s incredibly diverse community. Heffernan’s “proud of where I come from” mentality – along with her incredible musical talent – make her a triple threat and an excellent performer. Amy Hef’s music imagery doesn’t shy away from dirt roads and Heffernan is not afraid to show off her line dancing skills in true Albertan fashion.

In addition to her happy-go-lucky quirkiness, Amy’s music also shows her vulnerabilities, which shows her strength as an artist. Like fellow successful Canadian artists before her, Amy Hef’s talent and stage presence, along with her hard work, are propelling her even closer to becoming a household name. Without a doubt, Amy Hef’s concert will strike a chord with all audience members, both local and visiting alike.

“I think people will be surprised by the beauty Fort McMurray has to offer, I mean, it is basically a city inside of a forest,” said Amy Hef.


Amy resonated the unexpected beauty one finds in Fort McMurray, an ever growing city, within a huge forest, that transforms each time she visits. “I think people will be surprised by the beauty Fort McMurray has to offer, I mean, it is basically a city inside of a forest… it is a different city every time I come back. When I left it was 50,000 people and now it’s over 100,000 and all the work the community has done creating Shell Place, it is pretty incredible.” Amy was most recently in Fort McMurray, performing during the Eskimos Northern Kickoff game’s Rock the Lot on June 13 at Shell Place.

Amy says she plans on experiencing all the sporting events she can while visiting and is excited to mingle with fellow musicians and the Games’ athletes during her time in Fort McMurray. As for anticipating crowd sizes, Amy said she has no idea what to expect but, “We’ll have a good time, regardless.”
Amy’s concert, as well as all concerts these next two weeks at the Visitor’s Village will be a highlight of the Games’ entertainment.

The Visitor’s Village stage and entertainment arena will be set up beside Townhall Public House, between the River Station Suite Hotel and the Waters Edge Condominiums located in the newly developed waterfront district of Fort McMurray. The Visitor’s Village will play host 19 artists and organizers are expecting upwards of 6,000 guests per day from August 7 to August 16. Tickets can be purchased at Platinum Hotels and Residences, Town Hall Public House, Liam Office Bay 5, and East Village Suites.
For more information on the artists, activities and where to get your tickets for the Visitor’s Village Concerts visit Be sure to check out Amy Hef’s music by checking out Amy Hef’s official website:, @AMYHEFMUSIC on Facebook and Amy Hef’s Youtube content.

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