Nothing like a good read

By KIRAN MALIK-KHAN, Connect Weekly

One of the joyful things about summer – and there are many – happens to be more time for reading. The seasonal mayhem of meetings, events, and more meetings, calms down for a few weeks, and the luxury, and oftentimes the dream of curling up with a good book becomes a reality.

Here are a two of my picks. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

What pet should I get?

What Pet Should I Get?

I surprised myself too – beginning this feature with a children’s story. But, this isn’t any children’s story. It’s Dr. Seuss’ recently discovered book.

Found in one of his old boxes stowed away by his wife, the manuscript was ready for publication, but seemingly on hold by Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss, as widely reported.

In What Pet Should I Get? We meet an unnamed boy, and his sister, Kay, who well, need a pet.

And, what pet from the long list of cat, dog, pup, kitten, (yes, they are different, you know), rabbit, fish, yent, should they get? Being in a pet shop only complicates things. Oh, the hardship of making up a mind.

Then I looked at Kay.

I said, “What will we do?
I like all the pets that I see.
So do you.
We have to pick ONE pet
and pick it out soon.
You know Mother told us
to be back by noon.”

Plus, there’s the condition of One pet only, and the issue of not making the parents mad. But dare to dream:

What if we took
one of each kind of pet?
Then our house would be full
of the pets we would get.

Because, making up one’s mind is oh so hard. In the end, they finally do make up their mind.
And, all we see are two eyes peeking out of a basket. Now what pet is that? That’s anyone’s guess.
Dr. Seuss does not fail to delight, and while this is no Green Eggs and Ham, it is surely a fun read for every child at heart.

The Lincoln Myth: A Novel

The Lincoln Myth: A Novel

The Lincoln Myth: A Novel
Cotton Malone fans rejoice. Author Steve Berry brings back the super likeable former Justice Department agent turned book seller. And, this time, he’s rushing to stop the United States of America from being broken.

From Utah to Europe – Berry takes us on a roller coaster ride that is Malone’s life. Throw in his girlfriend, the memorable Cassiopeia Vitt into the mix, and you have a fast, and thrilling read.

Saving the United States from a group of overzealous men with the desire to create a separate country within the nation – Malone, along with a new character, and fellow Justice Department agent, Luke Daniels, yes, he’s related to President Danny Daniels, is tasked to save the day.

Or, in this case, the country.

Did President Lincoln hide something that sanctions the breaking up of the country? Is it even possible? Conspiracy, lies, deceit – the three ugly sisters, come together for a super read, just what you need on a hot summer day.

Happy Reading. And, if you have book suggestions, send them my way through Twitter: @KiranMK0822. CW