Councillors’ Corner invites locals for Q&A

By VERNA MURPHY, Connect Contributor

Councillor Keith McGrath

Councillor Keith McGrath

The October 6 council meeting saw some major notice of motions brought forward, and the next few meetings will see some debate on huge issues in our city.

Councillor Keith McGrath served several motions, the first one being a motion that would see the end of the Sports and Entertainment Centre (SEC) in the downtown. Councillor McGrath also served motion that administration should not issue the tender for the Northside Community Recreation Centre, and the budget for said proposal be reviewed.

And in his last motion, McGrath also moved that a policy or procedure be developed on how large capital projects are developed and move forward in the future.

McGrath said that after hearing from so many residents on this issue, he could not sit and do nothing about it.


“People are telling us that they don’t want this arena, and we are hearing what they are saying,” said McGrath.

Councillor Tyran Ault also put forward a motion that will have profound impacts when he moved that council commit to $10.5 million to construct either a long-term care facility or an aging in place facility at Willow Square, if the province moves ahead with any development there. This motion will be debated during the council meeting on October 20, 2015.

Mayor and council also approved a Whistleblower policy during the council meeting. This policy would see whistleblowers protected if they come forward with information about acts of wrongdoing. The city also received an unsolicited bid on a small parcel of land at the end of Marshall Street, the offer was referred back to administration for more information.

Later in the week (on October 8), three councillors held their now regular “Councillors’ Corner” at the multipurpose room at the Casman Centre. Councillors Bussieres, McGrath and Germain have been holding the sessions every quarter, and the sessions have been well attended by residents.

During the session, the councillors were asked questions about a variety of subjects, with the majority of the discussion that evening being about the proposed downtown SEC.

The councillors started the sessions so that residents could meet with them and ask questions, or let them know about issues that are affecting them in their area of Fort McMurray.

During the session, the councillors fielded questions about the new winter zone parking, transit issues, and how the economy is affecting the region and what might be coming for the residents if the oil prices do not go up in the coming months.

The next session will be held after Christmas, and the dates and location are always posted on the municipal website at The public can also watch the council meetings, see what’s on the upcoming agenda and watch past meetings on the same site.

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