Sending wishes for baby

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By THERESA WELLS, Conenct Contributor

I am, self admittedly, terrible at baby showers. Don’t get me wrong, as I adore children and babies, but baby showers have this way of ratcheting up my anxiety level as the attendees play games where you guess the cost of diapers and baby wash. It’s all a bit foreign to me and I tend to keep very quiet to hide my discomfort as I simply am not much good at such games. Recently, however, I attended a baby shower for a work colleague and one of the games we played intrigued me, as it appealed to the writer inside.

It was a “finish the sentence” game, not really a game at all, but an opportunity to share with the mother-to-be our wishes for their baby. It was one of the rare opportunities I’ve had at a shower to delve into that writer side of myself. The beginnings of the sentences were simple prompts, but they took me on a little journey of my own as I reflected on my life, my daughter’s, and what I wish for any child coming into this world. And so my responses looked a little like this:

Dear Baby,

I hope you learn: That you can do anything! The world is yours to explore and discover. Don’t believe the limits others will try to impose on you, as limits are really just hurdles to be jumped or mountains to be climbed.
I hope you are not afraid of: Change. There are many people who fear change, little one. Buck that trend and embrace change, because change is an opportunity to grow – and even changes for the worse teach us lessons we would otherwise never learn.

I hope you love: With passion. Life without passion – for the people we love, the jobs we hold, the hobbies we have – is without joy. Whatever and whomever you love, do it with passion. I promise you that it will make all the difference.
I hope you get: All the love you deserve, which is all the love in the world. Throughout your life, which I hope is rich in experience and long in years, I hope you are loved in the kind of way I hope you love others: unreservedly, unapologetically and unconditionally. Be all in with love, little one. It is a risk sometimes, but it is a worthwhile one to take.

I hope you laugh: often. Laughter is a sign of joy. Laugh often and easily, laugh with friends and when you are alone. Embrace the laughter – it can remind you that you are alive.

I hope you never forget: Your value in the world. Far too many people forget that each and every one of us is precious. There is only one of you in this world, and you have value just for being you. Remember that, especially when you are doubting your value.

I hope you ignore: The expectations others place on you. I don’t mean the usual expectations, like working hard in school. I mean the ones where people decide who they want you to be, and then expect you to be that person. Don’t feel you need to meet their expectations. Just be you. Those who truly care for you will want you to be you, too.

I hope you become: A person of whom you are proud. You know, it’s okay to be proud of yourself, not in a boastful or egotistical way, but a sense of pride in your accomplishments and who you are as a person. Far too many people worry about other people being proud of them; be proud of yourself, and then you’ll never have to worry about anyone else being proud of you, because those who love you will be.

I hope you respect: Your history. You have a history. It reaches back much further than you can imagine, but every point in it led to you. Respect it and honour it, and never take it for granted. Your history, the one you make every day and the one that existed before you did, belongs to you. It’s okay to own it.

I hope you grow: Wiser every year you live. Life is about experiences. The good ones. The bad ones. Sometimes the really bad ones, hopefully countered with the really good ones. All those experiences are the things that help you grow, and as you grow older I hope they help you to become wiser.

But remember that life is a journey, and the learning never ends, so never think your wisdom is complete and there is nothing more to learn.

These are my wishes for you, precious little Nora. These are, to be honest, my wishes for every precious little soul who enters this world. You are a gift, not just to your family but to the world. Welcome, little one.
Welcome to the world.

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