Local filmmaker puts his EYE on YMM

By SHELLEY TERMUENDE, Connect Contributor

Film entertainment enthusiast Tito Guillen takes on a positive impact awareness project that puts the power of kindness in hands of local residents.

Guillen, who is most known for his co-star role on the YMMPodcast, as well as, his work with the Fort McMurray Film Makers Association has decided to highlight Wood Buffalo’s great people through a unique and personal photo art project known as “EYEYMM: A Project to Portrait”.

Inspired by social media photojournalism initiatives such as “Humans of New York” and Edmonton’s “YEGGERS”, Guillen says the project was born out of the desire to revisit his photography hobby after years working in the local film scene in Fort McMurray. His main goal is to have the community honour positive role models in the form of a portrait and a 140 character tweet outlining their efforts.

Nominees also have the opportunity to be featured on the EYEYMM blog. Known for his desire to be unique and give back to the region, Guillen wanted to be sure that this outlet offers residents the opportunity to tell their stories and recognize their peers. “Instead of setting up a typical photo shoot, the thought of acknowledging a community that has provided me with so much kept coming to mind” Guillen said.

He plans to open a public gallery compiling of a minimum of 52 photographs, to showcase the contributions these individuals bring to the community and to show those nominated how valued their efforts are to Wood Buffalo. The by donation gallery will see all proceeds going towards local Regional Municipality oriented charities. Nomination submissions are anonymous and nominees will not be revealed until the opening of the EYEYMM gallery in September 2016.

Nominations have begun pouring in already and individuals have already been featured on EYEYMM. Current nominees include: Matt Salem, Michelle Thorne, Kim Hurley, Constance Scarlett, Muna Yussuf, Dawn Booth, Nicole Armstrong, DJ Q-Pid, Jeremy Mac Knott, Terrie Noble, and Kiran Malik-Khan.

What is unique about EYEYMM is that individuals can only be nominated once, so to ensure that everyone who has made a difference in someone’s life can be featured. Nominations range from haiku poetry, acknowledgements of professional endeavors to the admiration of personal attributes and qualities that make each individual a great addition to RMWB’s vibrant community.

With the decline in the economy and loss of jobs in the community, Guillen believes that EYEYMM will help offer a kinder reality and outlook for Fort McMurray. Even amidst financial struggles, Guillen hopes that by showcasing locals who are doing great work in the community, vision and leadership to accomplish future goals will follow suit.

To nominate someone you believe has made your life in Wood Buffalo better, visit eyeymm.com and fill out the information along with your kind words 140 characters or less. From there, those interested can follow @EYEYMM1 on twitter with the hashtag #EYEYMM.

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