No time for the gym

Ask L.K. – Because life can get a little messy

By L.K. ELLIOTT, Connect Columnist


My question is why do some people make it to the gym over others? I know we all like to say: “I’m busy,” but why do some busy people make it to the gym over other busy people?
Sincerely, No Time Tony


Most people would say that the people who make it to the gym are simply more motivated, and while that idea seems to make sense, it’s not entirely true.

The difference between people who accomplish goals and those who don’t are a structured game plan, accountability, and a positive perception. If you can learn to apply these simple concepts in your own life, you will accomplish any goal. The idea is to cultivate habits that create production, even when your motivation is lacking. Because your motivation will lack at some point, I promise you.

People who regularly make it to the gym (or any goal you have in mind) will create a structured game plan for success. They will have their weekly exercise “split” pre-made and so each day they know what they are doing. A failure to plan is a plan to fail.

Write down your goals, and then ask yourself “how can I accomplish this?” Create a list of action items and schedule them into your busy week. Get up an hour earlier, or workout during your lunch hour. When you make your “wants” a “must” you’ll lose all need for excuses and you’ll find a way to get it done. Staying accountable can feel uncomfortable at first, but that discomfort will keep you on track.

Hire a coach, get a gym buddy, or post your goals on Facebook. Making your goals public will help you create accountability, because we all have the desire to be consistent with what we say.

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