Encore Trucking provides services and training in Fort Chip


A recent partnership between Encore Trucking & Transport Ltd. and the Fort Chip Marine are bringing big moving opportunities to Fort Chipewyan businesses and residents.

The Edmonton-based trucking company first made their way down the Athabasca River in the summer of 2015 with attempts to bring construction materials for the Fort Chipewyan project, which will see an expansion of an aquatics facility at the Archie Simpson Arena.

The construction materials included bringing in a tandem Mack truck with a pre-REGEN motor – in lighter terms, a heavy hauler commercial truck. Due to the extensive size and weight, the only transportable access was through the barge.

“We contacted Guy Thacker of Fort Chip Marine and he was very cooperative,” Director of Encore Trucking & Transport Don Lucas shared in an email. “He was very cooperative, easy to deal with and had some suggestions that cut our customers cost down considerably.”

Unfamiliar with the challenges of the Northern areas and ice roads, Lucas explained how this kick-started a new opportunity for Encore. It opened up options for him and his team, to not only work with the residents in Fort Chipewyan, but also provide equipment training and transportation skills to them.

“Guy agreed to put one of our units in his fleet. He said he could use it to off-load and load trucks and perhaps help him build the ice road,” said Lucas. “We caught the last barge back to Fort Chip. My son Jeff drove the picker and a small high-boy, onto the barge. We stayed in town for the rest of the week to familiarize and train the drivers and crew in the operation unit.”

Lucas’ son stayed on-site teaching and working with the crews directly, until he felt they grasped the use of the crane and rigging devices, as well as, recognize the potential hazards that have been taught through Encore’s 30-year boom truck business.

With the winter road now accessible, crews from Encore have been running tractors on the winter road and are actively seeking more work.

“We don’t claim to be ice road truckers,” said Lucas. “We’re just picker guys looking for work, and we are in Fort Chip.”

To learn more about Encore Trucking, visit www.encoretrucking.ca.

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