Pink, blue and mullet dos – multiple hair fashions are trending

From the Editor’s Desk

By DAWN BOOTH, Managing Editor of Connect Weekly

if you’ve been a little puzzled by the hair fashion around Fort McMurray, it’s probably because the person donning the “do” is taking part in something great.

You may see residents with hair coloured in pink or blue, even shaved off. And if you’re at an upcoming Oil Barons game, chances are you’ll feel like you’re living in a Flock of Seagulls music video with the amount of mullets on the ice.

It’s HAIRTASTIC! Here’s a breakdown on the styles, so if you see someone around the city showcasing the following – ask them about it and say thank you for raising awareness and donations for local charities.

The Blue Dos: There’s actually only two people I know out there wearing their hair in blue fashion – Stephen Bryant and Mike Allen. Bryant and Allen recently had their hair dyed to raise funds for the Centre of Hope’s (COH) final Subzero Challenge campaign. Bryant, Executive Director of COH, and Allen, Chair of the Board, both called out to the public to raise $10,000 each.

Coming close to their goals, they decided to go blue together at the local Hair Trends salon on February 26.

The Pink and Shaved Styles: There’s dozens of pink-haired people and ones with clean-shaved heads in Fort McMurray, even hundreds more throughout the province, as the annual Hair Massacure event took place recently.

Last year, over $1.2 million was raised in Alberta to support children and families with life-threatening illnesses.

With the local event taking place at the Peter Pond Mall on March 2, the final fundraising numbers were not available at press time, but a full update will be in next week’s edition. Learn more at

The Mullets: Local hockey players are rocking the “Business in Front, Party in the Back” look for the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) March Mullets for Mental Health campaign.

Five Oil Barons players hit up Chatters Hair Salon on March 1 to get the strategic cut and will be raising funds for the local association to help those suffering with mental illnesses.

Anyone can take part in the March Mullets campaign. You can brave the real look or purchase a Mullet-On-The-
Go (MOTG) headband to share fun photos and bring in donations. Contact the CMHA of Wood Buffalo office at 780-743-1053 to purchase a MOTG or learn more online at

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