Fighting for Fort McMurray in Ottawa

Member of Parliament Report

David Yurdiga, MP of Fort McMurray-Cold Lake

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Late last year, the people of Canada saw fit to elect a member of the Trudeau family as Prime Minister of Canada. The people of Alberta had the good sense to disagree but as they say: common sense is rarely common.

The election in October was an end to the Conservative government. I had the honor to serve the sixth longest serving Prime Minister in Canadian history. During those six years we lowered taxes to where they were in the 1950’s. We made government more efficient while also increasing the number of free trade agreements Canada has with other countries by almost a factor of 10, from five to forty-four.

Stephen Harper, a good Albertan, will be remembered as one of the greatest Prime Ministers the country has ever known. This was a man who steered us through the greatest economic recession of our time. He fought for the freedom of western farmers to sell their grain to whomever they chose.

He helped lead the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan: protecting young girls who, more than anything, wanted to go to school. And he fought ISIS, a visious cult who traffic girls and women, selling them into slavery. People think it’s corny or insincere to say this, but Stephen Harper defended justice and freedom here at home and abroad.

Last week the new Federal government released its first budget. Trudeau had promised to run ‘modest’ deficits during his first two years in power. He told the Canadian people that he would keep the deficit around 10 billion dollars: over $300 for every man, woman, and child in Canada.

Rather than keep his already irresponsible promise Trudeau tripled the deficit he promised to almost $1,000 for every person in Canada. He has released no plan to balance the books. If the Ontario Liberal government is any indication there will be no end to the spending.

We project that over the next five years, Canada will borrow 113.2 Billion dollars. All Trudeau will be able to show for this money is more Liberal voters in Ontario and Quebec, if they’re lucky.

The Liberals claim that their spending will boost the Canadian economy. That might have been true if they were spending money they already had. But they intended to spend money we don’t have, increase taxes, and make cuts to necessary areas of the government.

Personal income taxes are going to go up by 1.3 Billion this year and 2.4 Billion next year. It’s only a matter of time before Trudeau raises the GST.

The Budget is cutting funding for defense, where they are deferring $3.7 billion in spending that was set to take place over the next five years. They are also deferring election promises, including funding for palliative care and Canada Post home delivery.

I am not hopeful for the government. They have shown no sign of the maturity or the responsibility the Conservatives entered government with in 2006. I look forward to October 2019, when we can hold Prime Minister Trudeau’s government to account, and I will work hard to represent the people of Fort McMurray-Cold Lake until then.

David Yurdiga is the Member of Parliament for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 780-880-0051. 

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