Titan Tires launches recycling solution

Environmental reclamation project celebrates grand opening

By Dawn Booth, Connect Weekly

Titan Tire

An employee of Titan Tire Reclamation Corp., in front of a reactor.

Titan Tire Reclamation Corporation celebrated their grand opening of the world’s first environmental scrap mining tire recycle solution at the Suncor Voyageur Site on March 29.

Company representatives, oil sand industry professionals and local media joined to celebrate the historic moment, as reducing the waste of industrial-sized tires will impact Fort McMurray, and the world.

The environmentally-friendly solution is a thermal vacuum recovery process unit, which is self-contained. From one 10,000 pound mining tire, the unit can reclaim 550 gallons of fuel, 3,200 lbs. of carbon black; and 2,200 lbs. of steel, as well as enough synthetic gas to run the process.

“It’s the first of its kind in the world,” said President of Titan Tire Reclamation Corp. Paul Newton. “Basically, we have unbaked the cake.”

An existing stock pile has exceeded in numbers over the decades, but Newton explains this first-of-its-kind technology will be able to reclaim an estimated 4,500 to 5,000 giant mining tires per year.

“The disposal of giant mining tires have always been an issue, due to the shear size and weight,” said Newton.” “These tires are over 10,000 pounds and close to 10 feet in diameter. We picked this spot to do the first plant due to the unique region with a high volume of these tires in a concentrated area.”

Mining tires will be reclaimed at Suncor’s Voyageur site. Supplied photos

Mining tires will be reclaimed at Suncor’s Voyageur site. Supplied photos

In 2009, the company ran a prototype in Calgary, and then in Fort McMurray for demonstration purposes. Two permanent production reactors were built and have been in operation since with one mobile reactor in 2015, then after, the first giant thermal vacuum reactor was commissioned.

Newton said a number of components will be reclaimed to create a full life cycle with products like oil, steel and carbon black.

“Some of the possibilities we have looked at for the Downstream products are: oil as a fuel – when refined can be classified as a bio-fuel, carbon black used in making tires, and belting, steel refined into products; such as rebar, and/or cutting edges for graders or bucket teeth,” Newton explains. “Currently, we are working on getting the greatest value for the products we create.”

To learn more, visit www.titantirereclamation.com