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Government and municipality release 36-page re-entering document

By DAWN BOOTH, Connect Weekly

Re-Entry Information

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) and the Alberta Government have created a Re-entry Information Booklet to help residents plan their safe return to the region.

The 36-page document includes dozens of “Re-entry Tip Sheets” and resources on the steps to take before residents enter the Wood Buffalo region and access their homes.

The following includes brief information from the booklet, online sources and statements provided by the RMWB. The municipality and government are asking residents to carefully read the entire package before they make their plan to return. The booklet will be made available at the RMWB’s website at www.rmwb.ca, as well as the information centres available in the region.

When residents arrive, the RMWB will be on-site in seven information centres in Fort McMurray. Here, residents will find a wide-range of support for further information on housing options, utilities and finances, as well as a clean-up kits. (The kits will be available in one package per household).

IMPORTANT: If, at any time, residents feel their home or surroundings are unsafe, do not proceed and call 310-4455 for further assistance.

The two main information Centres will be located at Fort McMurray Composite High School (9803 King Street) and Westwood High School/YMCA (221 Tundra Drive at the Main Centre #2). Both locations will be the only Centres in Fort McMurray with Government of Alberta debit cards available. Also, residents seeking temporary accommodation benefits must go to the Alberta Works office in the Provincial Building at 10102 Fraser Avenue.
The five alternate locations can be found at Vista Ridge (1 Spruce Valley Drive in Saprae Creek); Holy Trinity High School (230 Power Drive in Fort McMurray); Eagle Ridge Community Centre (301 Sparrow Hawk Drive in Fort McMurray); Anzac Community Hall (105B-4 Christina Drive in Anzac) and the Oil Sands Discovery Centre (515 MacKenzie Boulevard in Fort McMurray).

As stated on the RMWB website, “Your safe return to the Fort McMurray area is our priority. Please make it your priority too. You are returning to a community that was profoundly affected by a wildfire. Services that you are used to or rely on may be limited for some time. You are advised to bring basic necessities to last up to 14 days; including food, drinking water and prescriptions.”

Timelines for Re-entry
The phased re-entry of residents will occur by zones to allow for efficient and safe return to the community and ensure people have access to available services. The re-entry schedule and details for residents are also available online at www.emergency.alberta.ca and www.rmwb.ca/reentry

• Zone 1 on June 1: Lower Townsite, Anzac, Fort McMurray 468 First Nation, and Gregoire Lake Estates
• Zone 2 on June 2: Parsons Creek, Stone Creek, Timberlea, Eagle Ridge, and Dickinsfield
• Zone 3 on June 3: Thickwood and Wood Buffalo
• Zone 4A on June 3: Gregoire, Prairie Creek and Saprae Creek Estates
• Zone 4B on June 4: Waterways, Abasand, Beacon Hill, Grayling Terrace and Draper

According to a release, the RMWB stated it will be working hard to restore services to residents. “We look forward to welcoming you back and appreciate your resilience and patience.”

-Connect Weekly-