Home cooking – finally!

Definitely Delicious

By Terri Windover, Connect Contributor

Definitely delicious

Terri Windover’s back in her own kitchen and provides an assortment of healthy and easy food to make at home. Supplied photo

So, I’m home at last. Thirty-one days of restaurant eating and I can honestly say that it will be a long time before you see mine or Kevin’s face in one again. Unless it’s for a beer. Let’s face it, beer is different. We were not ones to eat out a lot as it was before the evacuation, as I love to cook and Kevin loves to eat my food. But, after ingesting meal, after meal of sodium laced food, it will happen even less in the future.

We’ve been home in Timberlea since June 3, and our first week was filled with battling the jungle in the yard, cleaning out the science experiment in our fridge and dealing with the cleaning and remediation companies. I had left a huge piece of raw cod that a friend of ours from Newfoundland had given us in the fridge and was arrogant enough to think that maybe, just maybe, my epic cleaning skills and stubbornness could get the smell out. The answer is no, I couldn’t. Cod smell-1, Terri-0.

We have ordered a new fridge, but will be waiting a few weeks for the new one. So, I have decided that I will just deal with the waft of fish that assaults my senses every time I open the door. I just close my eyes and pretend Kevin is cleaning a monster pike I just landed in the boat. Ahhh, the memories.


Speaking of fishing, we had planned a three week trip with the jet boat through B.C. in July and we are sticking to it dammit. This fire has taken enough time from us and we refuse to let it take more.

We came back to one side of our home’s new siding half done and are a month behind on the project, so I’ve been planning out meals that are easy to make – especially with the boil water advisory, create as little dishes as possible, and can be made in bulk as well.

Here’s a few ideas for you:
1. Pretend you’re camping and break out the paper plates and cups. I want to kiss whoever invented them.
2. Scrub down the BBQ and grill a bunch of steaks, chicken thighs and breasts up at once. After dinner, cool them down and slice the remainder for sandwiches and wraps throughout the day.
3. Check out my salsa chicken recipe in the Definitely Delicious archives and make a big 9×13 pan full. One dish, multiple meals.
4. Buy a bunch of the flavoured, microwavable rice meals that are becoming so popular. There are healthy choices amongst them and they’re done in 90 seconds.
5. Buy pre-roasted chickens. I usually buy two and strip them down for sandwich meat instead of that high blood pressure inducing prepackaged stuff.
6. Premade fruit and veggie trays. YES! So convenient and still healthy.

I’ve still been doing my online training, but I’m not really back to work yet being a one-on-one personal trainer.

Let’s face it, most of my clients have more important thing on their minds right now. So, I’ve been dedicating my time to my family and friends since my return. I’ve invited the families I know over for a delicious home cooked meal their first evening home as I remember how overwhelmed I felt being here those first days and how daunting it all seemed. I find we just process things better over a hot meal of home cooked food, good wine and by shared stories. If you are heading back this month, give me a shout and I’ll whip up a magical meal to welcome you home.

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