Alberta stands with us

Member of Legislative Assembly Report

By Brian Jean, Leader of the Official Opposition

BRIAN JEAN, MLA of Fort McMurray-Conklin

BRIAN JEAN, MLA of Fort McMurray-Conklin

In Fort McMurray, it’s possible that next year’s big 150th anniversary celebrations on Canada Day be overshadowed by the memory of this year’s festivities.

One month after our first residents were able to return, the Canada Day celebrations in Fort McMurray were the perfect opportunity to gather as a community, to share stories and to convey a fitting “thank you” to our first responders as they joined the parade through the streets.

There’s no question that the holiday was a much-needed break from an unspeakably tough couple of months. But you’d never have guessed it from the energy and optimism in the crowds. The support for our first responders was overwhelming.

For as many times as I have been proud to be from Fort McMurray, the people of this city always seem ready to impress me one more time. As I listened to stories of the return and participated in the day’s events, I couldn’t help but marvel at the resiliency and strength in our community.

As difficult as those first few days and weeks were, we have found the real struggle confronting us on our return home, in the harsh reality of cleaning up, of dealing with insurance claims, and of planning to rebuild. Every day our community faces that struggle, and every day we are overcoming a small part of it.
But on July 1st, it was brought home to me again that our community is defined by so much more than that struggle. We are a thriving city, and our people are as ready and willing to enjoy life and count their blessings as they ever have been.

Again and again, I hear reflections on the devastation of the fires balanced with gratitude that our first responders saved so much. I hear hope, ambition and plans for the future.

The rest of Alberta knows Fort McMurray for this strength of character, and our fellow Albertans will not forget us in a hurry.

For the last several weeks, I have been travelling across the province, speaking with Albertans, inviting them to come together to determine the future of Alberta’s next conservative government.

Everywhere I go, I find Albertans who want to show their support and solidarity with Fort McMurray – who want to encourage us through this struggle.

Alberta stands with us. But even more importantly, we stand together as a community.

We stand, as we always have, ready and willing to help our neighbours, to pick up our tools and get to work making sure that our home once again reflects the strong, vibrant community that we are.

Brian Jean is the Leader for the Official Opposition Party and Member of Legislative for Fort McMurray-Conklin. Jean can be reached by email at or by phone at 780-588-7979.

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