Parliamentary Budget Officer issues Fiscal Sustainability Report

Letter from the Member of Parliament

By David Yurdiga, M.P. of Fort McMurray – Cold Lake

YurdigaDavid_CPC 2017The Fiscal Sustainability Report 2016 report provides an assessment of the long-term sustainability of federal and provincial government debt (whether the debt will remain stable under current taxation and spending trends).

The 2016 report finds that, since last year, Canada’s overall public debt has become unsustainable – primarily due to higher federal spending. Public debt is growing uncontrollably and the Liberal government will have no choice, but to raise taxes. The PBO also warned that, given increasing public debt, the single biggest challenge facing the Liberal government is funding health care.

We all know borrowed money must be paid back, and the only way the Liberals can do that is by raising taxes. In fact, they have already raised taxes on middle-class families, students and small business owners. Less than a year into their mandate, the Liberals have seriously weakened Canada’s finances, leaving no room to respond to a crisis like the Fort McMurray wildfire or an economic slump due to the Brexit.

While the previous Conservative Government offset rising provincial debt by balancing the federal budget, the Liberals just cannot help themselves when it comes to spending taxpayer money.

You have elected me to be your voice, and I will speak up for all of you.

David Yurdiga is MP of Fort McMurray – Cold Lake. Yurdiga can be reached by email at or by phone at 780-743-2201.

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