NDP government needs to face the facts – social license experiment isn’t working

By Brian Jean, Leader of the Offical Opposition

BRIAN JEAN, MLA of Fort McMurray-Conklin

BRIAN JEAN, MLA of Fort McMurray-Conklin

This past week has been yet another opportunity to witness just how little traction the NDP government’s concept of ‘social license’ is getting with other jurisdictions across Canada and around the world.

Prior to the National Energy Board (NEB)’s hearings in Montreal this week related to the Energy East pipeline project, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre attempted to attack the integrity of the review process.

Furthermore, he has doubled down on his ardent opposition to the energy project, which would add $9 billion to Quebec’s economy over the course of the development, construction and operations phases of the project.

Then, to make matters worse, on the first day of scheduled hearings in Montreal, a small group of protesters disrupted to the proceedings and led the NEB to have to postpone the start of the hearings.

It is important to note that reports from Montreal state that there were actually three times as many individuals who came out in support of the Energy East project than against, but that isn’t the narrative that will be heard in the media.

I am growing incredibly tired of the willingness of the NDP government to capitulate to the demands of anti-oil activists in an attempt to buy their support for pipeline projects.

I believe in the NEB and their world-class independent review process that approves projects based on merit. I am confident that the science of pipeline safety will be demonstrated through the hearing process.

Confederation needs to realize the great deal of good that our energy industry has done for all of Canada, and start to support projects that get Alberta’s clean and ethical oil to tidewater.

As for the ‘social license’ excuse the NDP government uses to justify loading a $3 billion dollar carbon tax on the backs of Albertans, we can see that time and again it is failing.

The NDP government needs to face the facts and realize that their willingness to make Albertans pay more in the hopes of securing ‘social license’ just isn’t working. They need to repeal their carbon tax, before they damage the Alberta economy further.

Wildrose will continue to be on the side of everyday Albertans, proudly promoting our energy industry and the high quality jobs and boost to the economy it creates.

Brian Jean is Leader of the Wildrose Official Opposition and MLA for Fort McMurray – Conklin

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