Smoke alarms save lives

Is yours up to date?

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Fire Prevention Canada (FPC) is laun­ching another year of smoke alarm aware­ness for Fire Prevention Week, October 9-15, 2016. The theme is centred on keeping your smoke alarms up to date and operational.

FPC makes several recommendations for smoke alarms:

  • Make sure your home’s alarms are not more than 10 years old. Check the date of manufacture on the back yearly and replace when necessary. If the manufacturer recommends replacing it with a new one more frequently, follow that guideline.
  • Take advantage of Fire Prevention Week every October to change the batteries in your smoke alarms, and test them monthly.
  • If installing hardwired alarms, have the work done by a qualified electrician and test them af­ter they’re installed.
  • Smoke alarms should be installed at the head of all stairways in the home and outside sleeping areas.

That annoying alarm!

If your smoke alarm goes off every time you burn your toast, your biggest mistake would be to unplug it or take out the battery for some peace and quiet. House fires do the most da­mage at night, when people are sleeping; if you forget to reconnect the power source, you’re putting your life in danger. Instead, ask your local fire hall for advice on where to install smoke alarms so they cause less of a nuisance, or ask about better-working brands.

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