A cold act of kindness

Letter from the Editor

By Dawn Booth, Connect Weekly

Dick Cyr and Stacy Bellefleur stand with their four-year-old Alexi in front of their three gigantic snowmen at 125 Honeysuckle Way on October 21. Photo by Dawn Booth, Connect Weekly

Dick Cyr and Stacy Bellefleur stand with their four-year-old Alexi in front of their three gigantic snowmen at 125 Honeysuckle Way on October 21. Photo by Dawn Booth, Connect Weekly

When the weather changed and brought mounds of snow last month, it left worry on the minds of some of our residents. It’s surely evident winter is on its way. And with some home building projects nearly at a start, many people will have to push ‘pause’ on their process until spring.

However, though there can be miserable outlooks on the cold coming, a backdrop of hope and kindness has been found in our city at 125 Honeysuckle Way. It’s the home address of a small family who brought smiles and laughter to the people in our community.

Meet Stacy Bellefleur and Dick Cyr. They are the parents to four-year-old Alexi.

When the big snow dump came down in mid-October, Alexi and his dad started to build a snowman on their front lawn. Because Alexi had school the next day, he went inside to bed and his dad stayed outside building until 2 a.m. The result was one gigantic snowman.

The day after, the three of them decided to keep building more. Once completed, there was one snowman for each family member – the largest being estimated to stand ten-feet tall.

The family – originally from Grand Falls, New Brunswick – has made Fort McMurray their home for the past several years. When I asked them how they were able to construct such monstrosity in their icy creations, Bellefleur explained how she and her partner grew up farming and the love of labour was something instilled in them.

They reached out to residents on social media and invited them to come by their home and take photos with the ‘snow family’. An outpour of people dropped by in the dozens.

Sadly, not even a week later, their masterpieces were destroyed by people unknown.

When Bellefleur shared the crushing news, she wrote: “To the people who came and destroyed my four-year-old son’s snowmen, you crushed a little boy’s heart. But we are strong and they will be standing again… we will rebuild them.”

Well, I can share that I stopped by Honeysuckle Way with my daughter to capture this family photo (before the vandalism took place), and they lit up our hearts.

This is proof that small acts of kindness go a long way. And to know they aren’t letting the destruction get them down… it’s all the more inspiring.

They have demonstrated that hope and strength can still be found on our city streets. And it proves we have residents who are kind and will go out of their way to bring happiness to others.

Thank you, Stacy, Dick and Alexi, for sharing your hard work and being wonderful neighbours to us all.

– Connect Weekly –