Keyano Theatre Co.’s resident stage manager kicks off workshop series

By Hanna Fridhed, Connect Contributor

Resident Stage Manager at Keyano Theatre Company Steph Link is inviting residents to take part in a stage management workshop at Holy Trinity High School on November 8. Supplied photo

Resident Stage Manager at Keyano Theatre Company Steph Link is inviting residents to take part in a stage management workshop at Holy Trinity High School on November 8. Supplied photo

If you have ever been to a theatre production, you might have wondered how it all comes together. There are a lot of things that are happening backstage, from the quick costume changes and mislaid props to getting casts of all sizes together several times a week for rehearsals and making sure that all different departments are working towards the same vision.

The person who makes this possible is the stage manager. They keep all of the balls in the air, providing support to the director, actors, designers, stage crew and technicians throughout the process.

During rehearsals, the director and stage manager work side by side and once a show has opened, they are in charge of it, giving calls to the actors and tech crews and coordinating scenery, lighting and sound changes. In all, the stage manager is the spider in the theatre net.

On November 8, the resident stage manager at Keyano Theatre Company, Steph Link, is hosting an introduction to stage management workshop through Theatre; Just Because at Holy Trinity High School.

Link, who has been the spider in the local theatre’s web for four years, knew from an early age that this was what she wanted to do.

“The first show I ever saw was Grease,” she said. “It took place in a dingy old Powerhouse with no running water. When the show was over my Mom asked me how I liked it. I said: “I want to do that” and she asked me what part I would like, I replied: “All of it”, so I guess that was the beginning.”

She started out as many others as an actor, but quickly moved to the crew.

“My mentor Nick noticed that I wanted to know everything all the time and that I was very organized,” explained Lind. “And, he suggested stage management. After two shows, I was totally hooked. Besides getting to make lists and paperwork, which I am a total geek for, I got to work with the whole team and help shows come to life.”

As the stage manager, Link is there during every step of the way, watching the shows grow from a script to a full production and she as seen people change as they go through the process.

“I have always believed that theatre can be a healing experience and that everyone should get involved at some point in their lives,” said Link. “I guess I just love being able to facilitate that for people. The skills that are taught by being involved in the theatre will help anyone in their lives no matter what career they already have or choose to pursue. It’s a pretty important task to help people better their lives, and I’m proud to have that task.

And how cool is it to know that every moment on stage can be different every time and you will never ever see the same exact show twice, and when the show is over, it’s over only to live in our memories. Nothing is like that anymore, except live performance.”

The Introduction to Stage Management workshop will be held at Holy Trinity High School on November 8 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. It’s the first in a series of workshops organized by Theatre; Just Because.

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